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The moment photography transitioned from being a hobby to a passion for him, José Ramón (also known as J.R. Baizán) knew that continuous learning was the key to unveiling his best self in this beautiful artistic discipline. He vividly remembers the spring of 2016 when he first truly tasted photography. During an international gathering of amateur photographers, an event he attended at a friend's invitation to practice his English, he borrowed his brother's camera. His knowledge about operating the camera was limited to removing the lens cap and turning the switch to 'on'.

Little did he know, this event would mark a pivotal point in his life. As he practiced his English, he also started to learn the ins and outs of the Nikon camera. He discovered the joy of composing images using the newly learnt 'rule of thirds,' and soon he was operating the camera in manual mode like a pro.

This marked the beginning of an addiction that only grew with time. The spark that was lit during that spring event in 2016 inspired him to attend workshops, training sessions, and meetings with people who shared his passion for photography. His thirst for knowledge, combined with his love for nature, pushes him to venture into the wilderness, armed with his camera, in pursuit of moments to capture.

Landscape photography soon became his preferred medium of expression, providing personal enjoyment and a creative outlet. From that spring in 2016, J.R. Baizán has continually grown, learned, and evolved in the field of photography.

Now, he has embarked on a new challenge - to teach others. Sharing knowledge and experiences brings him immense satisfaction, another beautiful aspect that photography adds to his life. He aims to help others discover the enchanting world of photography and inspire them to bring out their best work.

Living in Asturias, a natural paradise in northern Spain, perhaps, fuels his love for landscape photography. It offers him endless opportunities to capture stunning vistas, and every photograph he takes is a celebration of the breathtaking beauty of his surroundings.

J.R. Baizán's story is a testament to the power of passion, continuous learning, and the love for nature and photography. It's about how an unexpected encounter with a camera led him on an incredible journey, transforming his life in the most beautiful way.

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—  J.R Baizán 


In the modern era, the art of photography is within everyone's reach due to the ubiquity of mobile phones. However, creating a compelling photograph requires more than just pressing the shutter button. It involves a deep understanding of the tool at hand – the camera – and the technical and artistic principles that turn ordinary snaps into captivating images. This mobile photography course aims to bridge this knowledge gap, equipping you with the necessary skills to turn your phone camera into an instrument of visual storytelling. Understanding Your Mobile Camera: The Genesis of Mastery In order to master any craft, one must first understand their tools. In photography, this means understanding your camera – its strengths, its limitations, and the ways to optimize its performance. This course provides an in-depth examination of the inner workings of mobile cameras. Although it may be tempting to judge a camera solely by its megapixel count, this course shows that a good mobile camera is much more than just megapixels. You'll learn about the role of the image sensor, the importance of lens quality, the effects of aperture size, and how these factors interplay to create an image. Understanding these technical details will not only improve your ability to capture beautiful images but also guide your future decisions when purchasing a new phone. Rather than simply chasing the latest model with the highest megapixel count, you'll be able to evaluate whether a phone's camera suits your particular needs and style of photography. Mastering Mobile Photography: Beyond Just Point and Click With a solid understanding of your mobile camera, the next part of the course explores the various techniques to master mobile photography. This section goes beyond the automatic settings and introduces manual control options, helping you to adjust the focus, exposure, and other settings to enhance your images. Key techniques such as selective focus, where you control the camera's focus to emphasize your subject; exposure compensation, which helps to adjust the brightness of your photos; and High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography, which combines multiple photos to capture a wider range of shadows and highlights, are explained and demonstrated. You will learn how to manipulate these settings to achieve a desired effect, transforming your images from casual snaps to well-composed photographs. The aim is to give you more control over the photographic process, enhancing your ability to translate your vision into a beautiful photograph. Controlling the Scene: The Art of Composition The final part of the course delves into the principles of composition, arguably one of the most important aspects of photography. Similar to traditional photography or even painting, composing a shot in mobile photography requires thought, creativity, and an understanding of visual elements. Accompanied by the ebook "The Secrets of Photographic Composition", this section offers a comprehensive exploration of compositional elements like balance, symmetry, leading lines, and the rule of thirds. You'll learn how to position your subjects, decide which elements to include or exclude, and arrange them within the frame to create a compelling photograph. Learning how to control the scene goes a long way in defining your photographic style, whether you're aiming for minimalistic shots, complex layered compositions, or anything in between. This mobile photography course, therefore, provides an immersive learning experience for anyone wishing to elevate their mobile photography skills. By understanding your camera, mastering various shooting techniques, and controlling your compositions, you can transform your everyday snaps into professional-looking images. Whether you want to impress your followers on social media, capture beautiful memories in the highest quality, or just develop a new creative skill, this course offers the guidance and knowledge you need. So, get ready to unleash your creativity and witness your evolution from a casual snapper to a proficient mobile photographer!



—  J.R Baizán 


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