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About This Course

CONTROLA tu cámara fotográfica y DOMINA los entresijos de la toma de fotos con este curso de fotografía digital online

Acquired Knowledge

Manejarás los conceptos básicos de fotografía digital para que aprendas a moverte con soltura en este mundo, entendiendo los conceptos fotográficos. 
Entenderás cómo funciona una cámara de fotos y el proceso de toma de fotografías. 
Apertura del diafragma 
Velocidad del obturador 
Manejo óptimo de la sensibilidad del sensor (ISO)
Recibirás consejos sobre recursos creativos que puedes aplicar y mejorar en tus fotografías
Aprenderás las técnicas que debes seguir para obtener una fotografía con nitidez profesional Dominarás la escena gracias a las Técnicas de composición en fotografía que aprenderás en la masterclass y el ebook que podrás descargar


Tener una cámara de fotos con modos manual, de prioridad de apertura y prioridad de obturación,Ganas de sacar el máximo partido a su cámara de fotos,Querer tomar el control del equipo fotográfico


J.R Baizán
The moment photography transitioned from being a hobby to a passion for him, José Ramón (also known as J.R. Baizán) knew that continuous learning was the key to unveiling his best self in this beautiful artistic discipline. He vividly remembers the spring of 2016 when he first truly tasted photography. During an international gathering of amateur photographers, an event he attended at a friend's invitation to practice his English, he borrowed his brother's camera. His knowledge about operating the camera was limited to removing the lens cap and turning the switch to 'on'. Little did he know, this event would mark a pivotal point in his life. As he practiced his English, he also started to learn the ins and outs of the Nikon camera. He discovered the joy of composing images using the newly learnt 'rule of thirds,' and soon he was operating the camera in manual mode like a pro. This marked the beginning of an addiction that only grew with time. The spark that was lit during that spring event in 2016 inspired him to attend workshops, training sessions, and meetings with people who shared his passion for photography. His thirst for knowledge, combined with his love for nature, pushes him to venture into the wilderness, armed with his camera, in pursuit of moments to capture. Landscape photography soon became his preferred medium of expression, providing personal enjoyment and a creative outlet. From that spring in 2016, J.R. Baizán has continually grown, learned, and evolved in the field of photography. Now, he has embarked on a new challenge - to teach others. Sharing knowledge and experiences brings him immense satisfaction, another beautiful aspect that photography adds to his life. He aims to help others discover the enchanting world of photography and inspire them to bring out their best work. Living in Asturias, a natural paradise in northern Spain, perhaps, fuels his love for landscape photography. It offers him endless opportunities to capture stunning vistas, and every photograph he takes is a celebration of the breathtaking beauty of his surroundings. J.R. Baizán's story is a testament to the power of passion, continuous learning, and the love for nature and photography. It's about how an unexpected encounter with a camera led him on an incredible journey, transforming his life in the most beautiful way.


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