Aaron Grimes
Aaron Grimes is a filmmaker who specializes in aerial photography. His work has been featured on 60 Minutes, The Weather Channel, Right This Minute, as well as, online through Gizmodo, Time, and Adobe's blog. In addition to creating with the aerial platforms he also enjoys teaching: from how to fly, to the tools used for processing aerial footage/images.
Aaron Van
Even though my 27 years of experience have taught me those core fundamentals of photography, I am forever a student, ever evolving my craft to find the uniqueness in every piece of food. Let’s have some fun, eat, drink and create work that will make everyone CRAVE!
Adam Elmakias
Adam Elmakias is a San Diego based music photographer. He spends most of his time on the road with bands as they travel the world. When he is home he likes to hang out with his cat Mark and go for nice walks in the sun.
Adam Marelli
Marelli takes a significantly different approach to photography, putting the experience first and the camera second. Armed only with a pencil and a camera, he takes art out of the studio and re-examines the roles of artist and explorer. Unlike other photographers, he is not an observer behind the lens. He is an artist who participates, understands and works alongside the cultures he photographs. For the past eight years, Marelli has opened the doors of his studio to train photographers in the lost lessons of classical art. Throughout the year, he conducts international photography workshops in Europe and Asia for small groups. Individual programs are offered for those who prefer personalized instruction.
Adam Tan
Adam Tan is a contemporary photographer who has made a name for himself with his evocative images that manage to capture the sublime in everyday moments. His passion for photography began at a young age and he has since honed his skills, carving out a unique place for himself in the world of modern photography. Adam's photography is characterized by its exquisite composition and depth of emotion. His images often play with light and shadow to bring a sense of dramatic tension, turning seemingly mundane scenes into stirring works of art. His photographs are like stories without words, each one capturing a narrative that compels the viewer to delve into their imagination and complete the tale. Adam's innovative approach to photography doesn't stop at composition. He is also known for his commitment to pushing the boundaries of photographic technology. He is a frequent experimenter with different photographic techniques and equipment, always looking for new ways to capture and convey his vision. In addition to his personal creative work, Adam Tan is also a much sought-after professional photographer. His portfolio includes work across a range of genres, including portraiture, lifestyle, and travel photography. His ability to understand and cater to the specific needs of his clients while maintaining his artistic vision is one of the qualities that set him apart in his field. Adam's work has been showcased in numerous exhibitions and publications worldwide. He has been recognized by his peers and critics for his talent and innovative approach to photography. Despite these accolades, Adam remains humble and committed to his craft. He believes that there is always something new to learn in photography, and that the true value of his work lies in the emotions and reactions it evokes in the viewer. In conclusion, Adam Tan is not just a photographer but a storyteller. His photographs go beyond the surface to explore deeper meanings and emotions. Whether he is capturing a candid moment or crafting a carefully composed image, his work always resonates with authenticity and emotion. Adam's photography serves as a reminder that beauty can be found in the most unexpected places, if only we take the time to look.
Akira Sato
Akira Sato is an accomplished Japanese photographer and educator, widely recognized for his exquisite food photography. Following his graduation from the Faculty of Arts at Nihon University, Sato embarked on an independent photography career in 2003. His work spans various media, including advertising, books, magazines, and the web, showcasing his versatile skills and eye for detail. In 2011, recognizing a growing interest in food photography, Sato founded FelicaSpico, a specialized photography school focused on the art of capturing food. The school has become highly successful, with nearly 7,000 students attending his classes to date. His goal is to make the nuances of photography accessible to everyone, offering lessons that can be applied to professional work or personal interest. Akira Sato has authored multiple books on the subject of food photography, including "10 Tips for More Delicious Food Photos!" (published by Seishun) and "How to Take Delicious and Cute Food Photos" (published by Icarus). These publications encapsulate his expertise and share practical advice to budding photographers. Apart from his contributions to literature, Sato is a frequent guest on various media platforms including TV, radio, and magazines, where he discusses and promotes the art of photography. He strongly believes in simplifying complex concepts to make them more understandable, making his expertise relatable to both beginners and experienced photographers alike. Further establishing his credibility in the field, Sato is a lecturer at the Fujifilm Academy X, where he shares his knowledge and experience with the next generation of photographers. His dedication to educating others and his passion for photography make him an influential figure in the field. In summary, Akira Sato's impact on food photography is remarkable. His approachable teaching style and commitment to simplifying the technical aspects of photography have opened the doors for many to explore and appreciate the art form. Whether through his publications, classes, or media appearances, Sato continues to inspire and foster a love for photography.
Akira Shimizu
Akira Shimizu is a distinguished Japanese photographer known for his dynamic and evocative imagery. Born and raised in Japan, Shimizu has always possessed an innate fascination with the play of light and shadow, color and monochrome, depth and simplicity. This fascination led him to a career in photography, where he has left a distinctive mark with his unique visual style. Shimizu’s work demonstrates a keen eye for detail and an ability to evoke emotions through his images. His portfolio is a rich tapestry of diverse subjects - capturing the subtle nuances of life in urban landscapes, the tranquil serenity of nature, as well as compelling portraits that reveal the innermost layers of his subjects. His expertise extends across various forms of photography, including street, landscape, and portraiture. Despite the variety of his work, Shimizu’s photography is unified by a signature style that blends artistry and precision. His images often tell compelling stories, reflecting his ability to see beyond the surface and capture the essence of his subjects. This talent for storytelling through images sets him apart in the world of photography. Shimizu’s impact extends beyond his own photography, as he is equally recognized as a mentor and educator. He has conducted workshops and masterclasses, inspiring budding photographers and sharing his vast knowledge and unique perspective on the art of photography. His students often praise his approachable teaching style and the insights he offers into the creative and technical aspects of photography. With a career spanning several decades, Shimizu’s contributions to photography have been significant. His works have been exhibited in galleries and museums, both in Japan and internationally, attesting to his influence and standing in the world of photography. In essence, Akira Shimizu embodies the spirit of photography - the ability to see the extraordinary in the ordinary, to capture moments that tell a story, and to evoke emotions that resonate with the viewer. His works continue to inspire, educate, and challenge our perception of the world around us.
Alan Hess
Alan is a commercial photographer specializing in concert and live-event photography. From small club shows to big arenas, Alan enjoys the fast pace of shooting on the fly, the rush of the house lights going down, and the drive to capture the "show" in the images of the first three songs. Alan is currently the house photographer for a large concert venue in Southern California.
Albert Dros
As a professional landscape photographer for over 10 years I always get questions how I create that 'special look' in my images. While photography is about capturing that perfect moment and being at the right place at the right time, finalising the image in postprocessing is an important asset in a landscape photographer's skillset. With my background in design I have developed my own workflow, both in the field and regarding postprocessing techniques. To me, a photograph serves as a memory. When someone tells: "Albert, when I see your images it's like I was there in person." I succeeded. I aim to put the emotion and feeling into a photo. For myself, a photograph serves as a memory and when I look at my own photos, I want to remember that moment and be transferred back.
Alex Strohl
Alex Strohl is a renowned photographer best known for his exceptional ability to capture stunning landscapes and outdoor adventure scenes. Originally from Madrid, Spain and raised in France, Strohl's global upbringing has significantly influenced his approach to photography. He now resides in Whitefish, Montana – a setting that offers a natural playground for his passion. Strohl's work is characterized by his extraordinary ability to capture remote, off-beat locations, often shrouded in a timeless aura. His photography evokes a sense of adventure, transporting viewers into the wild and often untouched corners of the world. He manages to express the raw beauty of his surroundings while also highlighting the infinitesimal presence of human beings in these vast landscapes. His photos have been featured in notable publications such as Vanity Fair and Forbes, and his impressive clientele list includes prestigious brands like Apple, Google, Land Rover, and more. However, Strohl’s success extends beyond his commercial achievements. He's also managed to create a significant presence on social media platforms, amassing millions of followers who are captivated by his epic and inspiring images. Moreover, Strohl is also a dedicated educator. He has created a popular online course, 'The Adventure Photography Workshop', where he shares his experience and techniques with aspiring photographers. His genuine and direct approach to teaching his craft is appreciated by his students, making his course a much sought-after resource in the photography community. His book "Alternate Living" showcases his capacity to reveal the extraordinary in the ordinary, featuring people who have chosen to live off-the-grid. Strohl's ability to evoke a sense of wanderlust and curiosity through his work is remarkable and has made him one of the most influential figures in outdoor and adventure photography. Alex Strohl is a distinguished photographer and entrepreneur who has been instrumental in shaping the aesthetic of the outdoor industry for over ten years. His marketing campaigns have a wide reach, amassing an audience of millions, while his highly esteemed photography workshops impart invaluable knowledge to countless enthusiastic learners. Celebrated by notable platforms such as National Geographic, Outside Magazine, and Gentlemen’s Journal, Strohl's influence on the trajectory of outdoor media is unrivaled. Strohl's inspiration springs from the most untamed alpine landscapes. Whether nestled in the northern Rocky Mountains of his Whitefish, Montana home or plunging into the icy waters of the North Atlantic archipelagos, Strohl finds comfort and creativity in nature. His work produces a captivating visual journey that blurs the lines between life and work, as well as humanity and the natural world. His timeless style and ability to capture genuine, understated moments make his work appealing across a wide range of industries, from local ski brands to global watch manufacturers. Alex Strohl holds distinguished positions and recognitions such as being a Canon Explorer of Light, a Vuarnet Fellow, a Salomon Ambassador, and the Director of Content at Siena Valley Club. His contributions and impact in the realm of outdoor photography are both deep and vast, solidifying his stature as a pioneering figure in the industry. Alex Strohl is more than just a photographer. He is a storyteller, an adventurer, and an educator. His work inspires a sense of exploration and admiration for the natural world, striking a balance between tranquility and an untamed spirit of adventure. His significant contributions continue to shape and influence the world of outdoor and landscape photography.
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