Juan Pablo Aquila 

Independant Photographer


Juan Pablo, a professional photographer based in Mendoza, Argentina, has made a name for himself in the field of event photography and destination sessions. His journey in professional photography began in 2013, specializing in diverse areas. Among them, his work in weddings, Quinceañeras, and personal photo sessions stands out.

In his home country and beyond, Juan Pablo's work is highly regarded. His images, each one more captivating than the last, tell compelling stories filled with emotion, joy, and beauty. He possesses a unique talent for capturing authentic moments, turning them into stunning visual narratives that stand the test of time.

Currently, Juan Pablo is supported by an exceptional team of collaborators who carry out the photographic coverage. This team comprises not only technically talented and creatively gifted individuals but also those with an even rarer skill to find: human capability. To Franco Aquila, Andrés Flores, and the editors, their talent and dedication are deeply appreciated.

What sets Juan Pablo apart from other photographers, and adds value to his work, is his distinctive style. This style masterfully blends natural and spontaneous moments, resulting in images with a high visual impact. Each photograph is a testament to his technical expertise and artistic vision.

Juan Pablo’s approach to photography is deeply rooted in his understanding of human emotions and interactions. He knows that every event is filled with countless fleeting moments that hold unique significance. His strength lies in his ability to identify these moments and capture them in a manner that resonates with the viewer. This skill makes each of his photographs a powerful, evocative piece of art that tells a story.

One of the hallmarks of Juan Pablo's work is his ability to make his subjects feel at ease in front of the camera. This ability stems from his warm, personable nature and his genuine interest in the people he photographs. By establishing a rapport with his subjects, he can capture their personalities and emotions authentically.

When it comes to weddings and Quinceañeras, Juan Pablo's portfolio is nothing short of impressive. His images showcase his ability to capture the beauty and emotion of these special occasions. From intimate moments shared between the couple or the celebrant and their family, to the joy and excitement of the party, Juan Pablo's photographs preserve these cherished memories in the most beautiful way.

But beyond his event photography, Juan Pablo's personal photo sessions also stand out. Whether it's a portrait session or a lifestyle shoot, he brings the same level of creativity, professionalism, and attention to detail to each project. His portraits are characterized by their depth and richness, revealing the essence of the subject. His lifestyle images, on the other hand, capture the beauty in everyday moments, turning them into extraordinary snapshots of life.

As an artist, Juan Pablo continues to evolve, continually seeking to improve his craft and explore new creative avenues. He stays updated with the latest photographic trends and techniques, ensuring his work remains fresh and innovative. But at the core of his growth and success is his passion for photography and his commitment to creating beautiful, meaningful images.

My Courses


—  Juan Pablo Aquila 


Welcome to this comprehensive photography course that provides an expansive understanding of digital photography tools, techniques, and aesthetics. This course covers a wide range of topics from understanding Adobe Bridge, basic image editing, composition, and insights into professional work styles. The course commences with an introduction to Adobe Bridge, a powerful media manager. Here, you'll explore panels, labels, and delve into the process of generating PDFs and selecting photos as per client requirements. You'll also learn about selecting photos from your own session, adding immense value to your portfolio and customer service. The next module is dedicated to basic photo editing, where you'll discover Adobe Camera Raw's potentials. You'll comprehend the importance of the histogram, color grading, and essential panels. You'll then dive into the intricacies of curves, color mixing (HSL), and details. You'll will also touch upon split toning, optics, geometry, and the usage of presets, cropping, and other menus. Furthermore, we will delve into a bonus update about color grading. After mastering the basics, it's time to put your skills into practice. You'll participate in practical sessions covering daytime and nighttime events, using presets and making the final exports. You'll also learn about the magic of color mixing and receive final tips on basic photo editing practice. The subsequent section focuses on creating a photobook using Smart Album. After an introduction, we'll get hands-on, learning to import images, mastering all the tools that Smart Album offers, finalizing, and exporting the photobook. We also provide an extra lesson on creating covers. Understanding composition is a fundamental skill for all photographers. In the composition module, you'll learn various compositional strategies and techniques through four detailed sessions. These will allow you to create visually compelling images that captivate your viewers. As we progress, you delve into personal insights on my work-style and tips. The importance of staying close and not putting the camera down, styling with light, agility with the camera, superimposing planes, anticipation, and executing a session. You'll learn how to make decent photos when resources are minimal and achieve your own photographic style. Our course also includes extra classes on overcoming stagnation, understanding the importance of the camera for good photos, an invitation to join our Facebook community for ongoing learning, and how to make cellphone photos look professional. In addition, this course offers a wealth of knowledge, practical exercises, and professional insights, making it a valuable resource for aspiring photographers. Whether you're a beginner looking to understand the basics or a professional aiming to refine your skills, this course offers invaluable knowledge and experience on digital photography.


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