Clay Rasmussen 

Independant Photographer


Clay Rasmussen stands at the intersection of art and adventure, a professional photographer whose work is as much a testimony to his skill with a camera as it is a testament to his love for the natural world and the thrill of exploration. Born and raised in the United States, Rasmussen has turned his passion for travel and outdoor adventures into a successful career, capturing breathtaking imagery that has captured the attention of audiences worldwide.

Rasmussen's work is characterized by its stunning vibrancy and visual impact. His images, whether of grand landscapes or intimate wildlife portraits, are noted for their striking compositions, rich colors, and intricate detailing. This meticulous attention to detail is not by accident but by design, as Rasmussen has spent years honing his craft and perfecting his techniques.

A defining trait of Rasmussen's photography is his ability to bring out the beauty and majesty of nature in his images. From the soaring peaks of the Rockies to the vast expanses of the American deserts, Rasmussen's photographs not only depict these landscapes but tell a story about them. He has a talent for capturing the unique essence and spirit of a place, allowing his audience to feel a profound connection with the locations he photographs.

But Rasmussen's work extends beyond just landscapes. He is equally adept at capturing the majesty and grace of wildlife in their natural habitats. His wildlife photography is noted for its intimacy and emotional depth, with each image telling a unique story about its subject. Whether it's a fierce predator on the hunt or a delicate bird in flight, Rasmussen's photographs capture the essence of these creatures in a way that is both authentic and captivating.

An essential aspect of Rasmussen's approach to photography is his respect for the environment and the creatures he photographs. He goes to great lengths to ensure his work does not disturb the natural habitats he enters. This respect extends to his personal philosophy, as he is an ardent advocate for conservation and environmental stewardship.

Rasmussen's work has garnered him a substantial following, both in the physical world and online. His photographs are exhibited in galleries and published in magazines, and his digital presence continues to grow, with thousands following his journeys and visual narratives. Rasmussen also shares his knowledge and experiences through workshops and tutorials, aiming to inspire and educate budding photographers.

Clay Rasmussen's career is a testament to what is possible when passion and profession align. His love for the great outdoors, coupled with his formidable skills as a photographer, has allowed him to capture images that not only take your breath away but also inspire a deeper appreciation for the natural world. His work stands as a poignant reminder of the beauty that surrounds us, the stories waiting to be told, and the adventures that lie just beyond the horizon.

Through his lens, Clay Rasmussen invites us all on a journey. A journey of exploration and discovery, where every photograph is not just a captured moment in time, but an open invitation to experience the wonder and awe-inspiring beauty of our world. His work is more than just a collection of images; it's a love letter to nature, a call to adventure, and a testament to the power of photography to connect us with the world in ways we never thought possible.

My Courses


—  Clay Rasmussen 


Clay Rasmussen will learn how to get up and running with Capture One. From live tethered capture to powerful image editing through output, Capture One is a one-stop-shop photography workflow tool. In this class Clay teaches you how to set up the workspace, organize your photos, shoot while tethered, leverage the editing suite, and prepare your files for a range of output scenarios. This class is perfect for any photographer who wants to get started with Capture One.


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