Clay Blackmore 

Independant Photographer


Clay Blackmore is venerable leader in the photographic industry. Not only is he revered for his development of innovative lighting and portrait techniques, but he is highly sought after as an instructor. Clay meticulously developed his photographic, teaching, and business skills during his 25-year association with Monte Zucker, first as an assistant, then as a co-educator and business partner. His clientele has included celebrities such as Tiger Woods, Forest Whitaker, Jenna Elfman, and Maria Sharapova. Clay is a champion of innovation and growth in the photography industry, pushing the boundaries of storytelling with the latest innovations in technology. In addition to his mastery of lighting and classic portraiture, Clay was among the first to test and evaluate new products for photography and HD-DSLR cinematography.

My Courses


—  Clay Blackmore 


Embark on an extraordinary and transformative journey into the captivating realm of portrait photography with Clay Blackmore, an esteemed master of the craft. Through his six-hour course, Clay shares his profound expertise, delving deep into his creative process and revealing the secrets behind capturing stunning portraits of individuals from all walks of life. Spanning a diverse range of subjects, Clay covers an array of portrait genres, including men, women, children, corporate portraits, weddings, maternity sessions, group portraits, and more. Each technique is meticulously deconstructed and explained, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of Clay's signature methods. By learning and implementing these invaluable insights, you'll acquire the ability to create timeless and captivating portraits that authentically reflect your unique vision. Clay's teachings extend beyond mere technical skills. He generously shares his artistic vision, allowing you to peer into the mind of a master photographer and comprehend the thought process that underlies his iconic images. By grasping the essence of Clay's approach, you'll not only learn the technical aspects of portrait photography but also develop a profound understanding of the art form itself. Join Clay Blackmore on this immersive six-hour journey and unlock the closely guarded secrets to capturing breathtaking portraits. Discover the art of connecting with your subjects on a deeper level, learn how to expertly manipulate lighting techniques to enhance your portraits, master the art of posing individuals and groups, and unravel the power of storytelling through portraiture. By the culmination of this course, you will be equipped with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to create timeless and compelling portraits that resonate with viewers on a profound level. Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to learn from a true master of the craft. Enroll now in Clay Blackmore's course and elevate your portrait photography to unprecedented heights. With his expert guidance, you'll unlock the full potential of your artistic vision and embark on a transformative journey that will forever shape your photographic endeavors.


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