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About This Course

Are you ready to master the art of portrait, beauty, and outdoor retouching? Look no further! I'm Marcin Mikus, a seasoned photo retoucher and Photoshop instructor, and I'm here to guide you through the intricacies of retouching for various types of photography. I understand how challenging it can be to find a comprehensive course that covers retouching techniques for different genres, which is why I've created this course that encompasses a wide range of retouching methods with diverse images.

In this course, you'll gain access to over 80 lessons and 6 hours of valuable content. What's even better is that you'll receive high-quality raw images, allowing you to follow along with me and practice your retouching skills on your own. Additionally, I've included a collection of fantastic actions and resources that will significantly speed up your workflow, making the editing process more efficient and enjoyable.

Don't worry if you're a beginner in retouching because we'll start from the very basics and progress all the way to the final touch-ups. I'll guide you through the process of raw processing using camera raw and capture one, ensuring that you understand the fundamental steps involved. Even if you're a more advanced user, this course has a wealth of new information on processing, retouching, and color grading techniques that will elevate your image editing skills to new heights.

The course is thoughtfully organized into different sections, each focusing on specific areas of editing. We'll begin with basic portrait editing, where you'll learn essential techniques to enhance the features of your subjects while maintaining a natural look. From there, we'll delve into beauty retouching, where you'll discover how to perfect skin, enhance eyes and lips, and achieve flawless beauty shots. Finally, we'll explore outdoor image editing, which entails retouching landscape and environmental portraits, ensuring that every aspect of the image is polished to perfection.

Throughout the course, I'll share my professional tips, tricks, and insights gained from years of experience in the industry. You'll learn how to bring out the best in your subjects, create stunning visual effects, and achieve the desired mood and atmosphere in your images. With my guidance, you'll develop a discerning eye for detail and learn to retouch with precision, transforming ordinary photographs into extraordinary works of art.

Whether you aspire to become a professional retoucher, enhance your photography portfolio, or simply enjoy the creative process of image editing, this course is designed to meet your needs. Join me on this exciting journey, and together, we'll unlock the secrets of portrait, beauty, and outdoor retouching. Get ready to take your retouching skills to the next level and create breathtaking images that truly stand out!

Acquired Knowledge

Use Retouching Tools In Photoshop
Works With Masks in Photoshop
Retouch Portrait Images in Photoshop
Retouch Beauty Images in Photoshop
Retouch Outdoor Images in Photoshop
Work with Shadows and Highlights
Do Color Grading on Images
Set up Contrasts for Images
Work Selectively with Colors
Process Images in Camera Raw
Process Images in Capture One


You need Adobe Photoshop,You need to Have Passion for Photography and Retouching


Marcin Mikus
Marcin Mikus is a professional retoucher with over 5 years of experience in the field. He specialises mainly in fashion, beauty and commercial retouching. Highly dedicated to the art and fashion, Marcin approach ever single image with creativity and engagement that brings out what's best in the images. Choosing Marcin can guarantee that each project will be done by professional that understand client requirements.


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