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About This Course

Learn how to take delicious food photos from scratch

Acquired Knowledge

How to tell a powerful and engaging story through food photos.
How to style your food in ways that are aesthetically appealing to the camera.
How to create dynamic lighting setups that make food scenes look stunning.
How to create and use a variety of surfaces that create dramatic backdrops for your pictures.
How to use props & accents that add depth and complete your scenes.


The information is this course is designed to apply equally to all levels of equipment
Whether you're using an iPhone or a pro-level DSLR, you’ll still get maximum value from this course
,A camera
Any category of camera (camera phone, point & shoot, or DSLR) will work for this course
,Adobe Lightroom 4+ for Mac or PC is suggested
The editing section of this course introduces Lightroom
If you do not have this software, the course provides information on getting a free trial


Andrew Olson
Meet Andrew Olson, an incredible artist whose passion for photography is matched only by their commitment to a vegan lifestyle. For over a decade, he has sustained himself on a purely plant-based diet, integrating a deep respect for all forms of life into every meal. Living in the golden state of California, Andrew embodys a vibrant mix of creativity and discipline. In his photography, the subjects are diverse as the photographer's interest, reflecting an eclectic mix of technology, wine, soccer, economics, meditation, and Formula 1, among others. This photographer's love for avocados often finds its way into the frame, showcasing the green fruit in all its natural glory. Photography was initially a skill he developed to capture his inventive vegan recipes. However, it quickly became more than just a means to an end - it transformed into a profound hobby, a new medium of self-expression and connection. Despite having had a "real job" in their high school days, he decided early on to carve out his own unique path, embracing a lifestyle that prioritizes passion, creativity, and authenticity. Andrew's love for tea and wine battles for supremacy, but both serve as cherished rituals that punctuate their day, fostering a sense of calm and contentment. His view on social media is tinged with a dose of good-natured sarcasm, a signature trait. While he admits to being a bit grumpy about social media, he also acknowledges its power to connect people. He revel in the joy of meeting internet acquaintances in real life, transforming virtual connections into tangible friendships. In his spare time, Andrew can be found dreaming of starting a hippie vegan commune in Big Sur, a testament to his adventurous spirit and commitment to a lifestyle that respects the environment. His story is not just about creating beautiful photographs, it's about embracing an ethos of mindfulness, compassion, and joy in every facet of life. Follow Andrewés journey as they navigate the intersection of veganism, athletics, and photography, capturing and creating moments of profound beauty along the way. This is more than a career; it's a testament to a life lived fully and consciously, a kaleidoscope of experiences refracted through the lens of their camera.


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