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About This Course

Nah ran! Die Makrofotografie entführt Dich in eine ganz neue Dimension der Kreativität. Mit viel Spaß am Bild geht's an die Umsetzung faszinierender Bilder. Nach einer kurzen theoretischen Einführung rücken wir den kleinen Dingen des Lebens zu Leibe und gestalten spannende, faszinierende und zauberhafte Aufnahmen von winzigen Motiven und Motivdetails. Dabei stellen wir direkt mehrere Unterschiedliche Aufbauten bereit, damit auch ganz sicher etwas für Dich dabei ist.

Acquired Knowledge

Du lernst neue Tricks und Kniffe an Deiner Kamera kennen, um die Herausforderung Makro leichter meistern zu können. Du wirst Dich auf die Motivgestaltung und Lichtsetzung konzentrieren und Deine Bilder bewusst komponieren - dabei nutzen wir ganz einfache und alltägliche Hilfsmittel.


Foto Erhardt
Foto Erhardt stands out as a photographer whose work blurs the line between reality and artistry. His innovative approach, technical excellence, and boundless creativity have established him as one of the leading figures in the field, with a portfolio that is both expansive and extraordinarily diverse. Foto's journey in the world of photography is as intriguing as his images, providing insight into the dedication and passion that drive his work. Originating from Germany, Foto Erhardt's interest in photography was ignited at a young age. This early fascination quickly turned into a lifelong passion, which led him to pursue formal education in the art form. His inherent talent, paired with a comprehensive understanding of the technical aspects of photography, paved the way for a successful career in the industry. Foto's expertise lies in his ability to capture the natural world in all its glory. His landscape photography is distinguished by its breathtaking compositions and intricate attention to detail. From towering mountain ranges dusted with snow to tranquil lakes reflecting the vibrant colors of a setting sun, Foto's images invite viewers to appreciate the raw beauty and majesty of nature. However, it is not just the landscape that attracts Foto's lens. His work also extends into wildlife photography, capturing the majesty and grace of the animal kingdom. These images demonstrate a sensitivity and respect towards his subjects, reflecting his passion for conservation and environmental awareness. He has an uncanny ability to anticipate an animal's behavior, capturing it in breathtaking detail at just the right moment. Foto's ability to tell stories through his photography is another reason why his work is held in high esteem. His documentary and street photography offer an intimate, thought-provoking look at the world around us. Each frame is a snapshot of life, imbued with a sense of narrative that engages and inspires. Whether it’s an evocative portrait of a stranger on the street or a dynamic scene from a local market, Foto’s images transport viewers to the heart of the moment. In addition to his work as a photographer, Foto Erhardt is also a highly respected educator. He is deeply committed to nurturing the next generation of photographers, regularly hosting workshops and seminars where he shares his extensive knowledge. His teaching approach is as engaging as it is informative, encouraging students to see the world through a creative lens and harness their unique perspectives. Foto's commitment to his craft is further demonstrated in his involvement with various professional photography organizations. These affiliations reflect his desire to contribute to the broader photography community and to continue growing as an artist. By staying connected with fellow professionals, he keeps abreast of the latest trends and technologies, ensuring his work remains fresh and relevant. Throughout his career, Foto Erhardt has achieved numerous accolades that attest to his expertise and influence. His work has been exhibited in prestigious galleries worldwide, published in renowned photography magazines, and recognized in various photography competitions. Yet, despite this recognition, Foto remains grounded, attributing his success to his love for photography and his continuous pursuit of improvement.


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