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About This Course

Joel Grimes' Beauty Portrait Masterclass is an in-depth, comprehensive course designed to educate photographers on the art and technique of creating exquisite beauty portraits. Led by renowned photographer Joel Grimes, this masterclass delves into both the practical and artistic aspects of beauty photography, equipping learners with the skills and knowledge they need to capture stunning, high-quality images.

Joel Grimes brings to this course over 30 years of experience in the industry. Known for his distinctive style and profound understanding of light and composition, Grimes offers a unique opportunity for photographers to learn and refine their skills under his guidance.

The course starts by laying the groundwork of understanding the principles of beauty photography. Grimes discusses the essence of beauty and how to perceive it through the lens. This includes the art of making subjects comfortable and capturing their inner beauty, alongside their physical attributes.

Grimes then ventures into the technicalities of photography. He delves into lighting configurations and guides students on how to utilize various types of lights and modifiers to enhance their subject's features. He elucidates on how to adjust the intensity, direction, and color of light to achieve specific moods and effects.

Understanding the appropriate gear for beauty photography is another critical focus of the course. Grimes thoroughly reviews necessary equipment, ranging from cameras and lenses to lighting equipment and accessories. He provides insights on how to select the right gear according to the needs of the shoot but emphasizes the significance of mastering these tools over simply owning them.

The course incorporates several live demonstrations, where Grimes takes students through the entire process of a beauty portrait shoot. These sessions are crucial to understanding how Grimes works with models, manipulates lighting, and transforms an ordinary scene into an extraordinary beauty portrait.

Post-processing is another key segment of the masterclass. Here, Grimes shares his techniques and workflow in Adobe Photoshop. He demonstrates how to touch-up skin, adjust colors, and add final enhancements to make images truly stand out. His advanced techniques in retouching and compositing are also showcased, allowing students to understand how to perfect their images in post-production.

Grimes also encourages students to find their own voice as photographers. He speaks about his experiences, discusses the importance of creating a unique style, and motivates learners to push their creative boundaries.

The Beauty Portrait Masterclass doesn't stop at photography skills. Grimes also provides invaluable insight into the business side of photography. He provides advice on building a compelling portfolio, marketing strategies, and sustaining a successful career in the competitive field of beauty photography.

In summary, Joel Grimes' Beauty Portrait Masterclass is an all-encompassing course for anyone seeking to excel in the domain of beauty photography. It offers a rare chance to learn from a master of the craft, understand his process, and apply these lessons to create breathtaking beauty portraits. Whether you're a professional or an aspiring photographer, this course promises a transformative learning experience that can elevate your skillset and redefine your approach to beauty photography.

Acquired Knowledge

Imagine you could…
Master the art of creating wall-worthy, magazine-quality portraits.
Learn field-tested secrets that will 10X your photographic abilities.
Light and retouch your images like a pro.


Joel Grimes
Joel graduated from the University of Arizona in 1984 with a BA in Photography and soon established a commercial studio in Denver, Colorado. Joel has been selected as one of Canon's exclusive Lightseeker photographers. For over 35 years, Joel has worked for many of the world's leading advertising agencies and companies. Over the years, his responsibilities have taken him to every state in the United States and fifty countries around the world. In 1990, Joel produced his first illustrated book, Portrait of a Navajo Man, which won several photography and design awards and was held for 18 years at the Smithsonian American History Museum in Washington, D.C. Monthly solo exhibition of 60 prints.


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