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About This Course

Joel Grimes' Dramatic Portrait Masterclass is an extensive course offering detailed insight into the craft of creating compelling, dramatic portraits. This course isn't just about technical skills; it's also about exploring the artistic side of photography and developing a unique style that helps your work stand out.

Joel Grimes is a seasoned photographer with more than three decades of experience. Known for his dramatic and visually stunning portraits, Grimes offers a wealth of knowledge that he has accumulated throughout his successful career in this masterclass.

The course begins by addressing the fundamentals of dramatic portrait photography. Grimes provides an understanding of the elements that contribute to a compelling portrait, such as light, composition, and emotion. He highlights the importance of storytelling in portraiture and encourages students to think deeply about the story they want their images to convey.

Following this, the course delves into the technical aspects of creating dramatic portraits. Grimes offers in-depth instruction on lighting setups, explaining how to use different types of light and modifiers to shape and enhance the subject. He also explores how to use the quality, direction, and color of light to create mood and drama.

Gear selection is another significant part of the course. Grimes provides a thorough overview of the essential equipment required for portrait photography, including cameras, lenses, lighting equipment, and modifiers. He advises on how to choose the right gear for your needs but emphasizes that understanding how to use this equipment effectively is more important than the gear itself.

The course includes live demonstrations where Grimes takes you through a complete portrait shoot, from conceptualization to post-production. These sessions give you a chance to see his techniques in action. You'll observe how he interacts with models, directs poses, and manipulates lighting to create the desired effect.

One of the most critical parts of the masterclass is dedicated to post-processing techniques. Grimes guides you through his workflow in Adobe Photoshop, demonstrating how he uses the software to enhance his images and create his signature look. He covers a range of techniques, from basic adjustments to advanced retouching and compositing.

Apart from the practical aspects, the course also encourages personal artistic development. Grimes urges students to discover their unique artistic vision and to push the boundaries of their creativity. He discusses his journey as a photographer and shares the lessons he learned along the way to inspire and motivate students.

The Dramatic Portrait Masterclass also addresses the business aspects of professional photography. Grimes provides guidance on building a strong portfolio, marketing your work, and sustaining a successful career in photography. He shares his experiences and provides actionable advice on navigating the competitive industry.

In Joel Grimes' Dramatic Portrait Masterclass, you'll learn much more than just how to take a good portrait. You'll gain insights into the artistic process, learn how to develop a unique style, and acquire the skills needed to create stunning, dramatic portraits. Whether you're a professional photographer looking to elevate your work or an enthusiast keen to enhance your skills, this course promises to transform your approach to portrait photography.

Acquired Knowledge

Learn all my techniques, tricks, and tips that I've been using for over 30 years. This skill set will help you create incredibly unique dramatic portraits that you, your friends, family, and clients will love.
Finally, I'll take you through my entire post-production workflow. You'll learn how to composite together multiple images to create the perfect portrait, guide the viewer's eye through an image, produce high-contrast black & whites, and much more.
I'll take you through the basics - choosing the right gear, setting up your lighting, and posing your subject. Learn how to overcome all the distinctive problems that come up either in the studio or out in the field.


Joel Grimes
Joel graduated from the University of Arizona in 1984 with a BA in Photography and soon established a commercial studio in Denver, Colorado. Joel has been selected as one of Canon's exclusive Lightseeker photographers. For over 35 years, Joel has worked for many of the world's leading advertising agencies and companies. Over the years, his responsibilities have taken him to every state in the United States and fifty countries around the world. In 1990, Joel produced his first illustrated book, Portrait of a Navajo Man, which won several photography and design awards and was held for 18 years at the Smithsonian American History Museum in Washington, D.C. Monthly solo exhibition of 60 prints.


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