— Barry Andersson




About This Course

Following up on his Audio for Video class, Barry Andersson will take you through the post-production stage of the process. From transferring your video from your recording device all the way through to exporting the final project from Premiere Pro, you'll learn the importance of backing up your content at the start, how to bring your audio into Premiere Pro, how to add soundtracks, and how to deal with the most common audio issues you'll encounter in post-production

Acquired Knowledge

You'll come away with a solid understanding of why capturing good audio at the start is so important, but also with the skills you'll need to deal with the audio that you have.


Barry Andersson
Barry Andersson is an award-winning director, cinematographer, and author of the DSLR Filmmakers handbook. His career started with live television video production and now includes several acclaimed short films, a television pilot, commercials, and a feature film. Barry has worked with experienced DP's to new directors working in the DSLR platform make sure they succeed with their most important projects.


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