— Barry Andersson




About This Course

Up your audio capturing game! Capturing good audio doesn't have to be scary or accidental. Join cinematographer and director Barry Andersson as he introduces you to the rules for capturing good sound for your video projects. Barry takes you through all of the microphone types, the related attachments and recording options, and even demonstrates multiple ways to wire your talent for sound.

Acquired Knowledge

Hearing is believing though, and at the end of the class you'll get to listen to a series of audio samples captured both in studio and outdoors, so you can compare and contrast each audio recording setup and choose the one that is right for your needs


Barry Andersson
Barry Andersson is an award-winning director, cinematographer, and author of the DSLR Filmmakers handbook. His career started with live television video production and now includes several acclaimed short films, a television pilot, commercials, and a feature film. Barry has worked with experienced DP's to new directors working in the DSLR platform make sure they succeed with their most important projects.


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