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Roberto Valenzuela is a name that rings out in the photography world as a beacon of excellence and inspiration. Known for his mastery in wedding photography, Roberto’s journey in this artistic field is an embodiment of continuous learning, dedicated practice, and an unwavering commitment to refining his craft.

Born in Mexico and now based in Los Angeles, Roberto's initial path was far removed from photography. His first passion was classical guitar, which he pursued to the point of performing in major concert venues worldwide. His experience in the music world taught him the importance of deliberate practice and honing his skills - principles he would later bring to his work in photography.

Roberto's journey into photography was sparked by a simple point-and-shoot camera he received as a wedding gift. Fascinated by the ability to capture and freeze moments in time, he dove headfirst into learning the art and craft of photography. Roberto's natural flair for composition, coupled with his tenacity and hard work, quickly catapulted him to the top echelons of the field.

Today, Roberto is considered one of the most influential wedding photographers in the world. Known for his elegant and evocative style, he has a knack for capturing the intimate, emotional moments that make each wedding unique. His work has graced the covers and pages of prestigious publications like Rangefinder Magazine and Junebug Weddings, and he has been recognized with numerous awards, including being named one of the "Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the World" by American Photo Magazine.

But Roberto's impact on photography extends beyond his own work. He is also a passionate educator, keen on sharing his knowledge and techniques with fellow photographers. He is a regular speaker at major photography conferences and has published several best-selling books on photography technique, including "Picture Perfect Practice," "Picture Perfect Posing," and "Picture Perfect Lighting." Through these resources, he distills his wealth of experience into practical, actionable advice, helping photographers at all levels improve their skills and artistry.

Roberto’s approach to photography education emphasizes the importance of practice and understanding the fundamentals. Drawing parallels from his time as a classical musician, he equates the process of mastering photography to learning a musical instrument. It's not just about knowing the technical aspects but also understanding the principles of art, composition, light, and storytelling.

His lessons are renowned for their focus on problem-solving and cultivating a mindset of constant learning. He teaches photographers to see obstacles — be it an unflattering location or challenging lighting conditions — not as hindrances, but as opportunities to innovate and create something remarkable.

Despite his success, Roberto remains grounded and approachable, driven by a genuine desire to uplift the photography community. His dedication to helping others master their craft is as profound as his passion for photography itself. To learn from Roberto is not just to gain technical skills but to be inspired to strive for excellence, push boundaries, and keep evolving as an artist.

Above all, Roberto Valenzuela embodies the transformative power of photography. Through his lens, he not only captures moments of love and celebration but also inspires a sense of wonder and admiration for the beauty of human connection. His story serves as a powerful reminder that with passion, dedication, and a commitment to lifelong learning, one can truly master their craft and make a significant impact on others.

In Roberto's words, "Photography is an endless journey. I love that I can always get better, I can always learn more." This philosophy fuels his work, his teaching, and his ongoing contribution to the art of photography

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—  Roberto Valenzuela 

Join Mia McCormick and Roberto Valenzuela as they sit down to discuss Roberto's inspiring career as a wedding and fine art photographer. Based in Beverly Hills, CA, Roberto is known for his ability to create wedding photographs that are elegant, timeless, and romantic.


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