Luck Kordas 

Independant Photographer


Luc, a highly versatile and prolific photographer, straddles the bustling streets of New York and the rich cultural landscapes of Europe to create his breathtaking body of work. His artistic journey has been deeply influenced by the timeless moments found in everyday life, translating the mundane into the extraordinary through the lens of his camera. His work, much like his life, is not tethered to a single place or theme but is rather an exploration of people, places, and moments.

Drawing inspiration from both the chaotic charm of New York's streets and the eclectic tapestry of Europe, Luc creates stunning narratives with his photographs. Every frame he captures is a testament to his skill of finding beauty and intrigue in the simplest of moments. This ability to transform the ordinary into captivating visual stories sets Luc apart in the world of photography.

While he is adept at shooting in both color and black and white, Luc often chooses monochrome for his documentary and street work. He sees black and white as a powerful tool for expression, stripping the subject down to its essence and focusing on the raw emotions and intricate details that color can sometimes mask. His black and white photography stands as an intimate exploration of moments, each frame brimming with emotion and a story waiting to be told.

Luc's love for travel further enriches his work. He is constantly on the road, meeting new people, discovering new cultures, and capturing new landscapes through his lens. This constant movement has enabled Luc to blend his favorite genres seamlessly, creating a unique style that straddles the boundaries between documentary, portraiture, travel, and street photography. He views the world through a lens that blurs the line between these genres, finding stories in the overlap and contradictions between them.

His portraits convey the depth and complexity of his subjects, while his travel and street photography is a rich tapestry of life as it unfolds in its raw, unfiltered glory. Luc's documentary work, on the other hand, presents a more purposeful narrative, capturing moments that offer insights into the human condition and our shared experiences.

Luc's photography is not just about capturing images; it's about narrating stories and chronicling human experiences. His camera is his pen, and the world is his canvas. His work serves as an invitation to explore the world, celebrating the beauty of ordinary moments and the people who inhabit them. Luc believes that every photograph holds a story and every story deserves to be told.

Each frame Luc captures is imbued with a sense of curiosity and respect for his subject, whether it's a candid moment on a bustling New York street or an intimate portrait set against the backdrop of a European landscape. This approach has earned him recognition and respect in the photography world, his work resonating with audiences worldwide.

My Courses


—  Luck Kordas 


In this captivating course, you will embark on a transformative journey from street photography to documentary photography. Renowned photographer Luc KORDAS will guide you through the nuances of both genres, highlighting their differences and equipping you with the knowledge and principles necessary to excel as a documentary photographer. Drawing from Kordas's personal experiences, you will gain valuable insights into the world of documentary photography and learn how to approach assignments effectively. The course begins by delving into the distinction between street photography and documentary photography, providing a solid foundation for understanding the unique aspects of the latter genre. Luc KORDAS shares essential principles and guidelines that form the backbone of successful documentary photography, ensuring that you can effectively communicate stories and capture the essence of your subjects. Through engaging discussions and real-world examples, He offers a glimpse into their own journey as a documentary photographer. They share insights from their first assignment at the legendary Gleason's Gym, where boxing legends trained for their fights. You will discover the intricacies of planning and executing a documentary project, gaining valuable knowledge on how to approach assignments with purpose and intention. One of the key lessons emphasized throughout the course is the importance of long-term projects. Kordas explains how committing to a long-term endeavor can yield profound and impactful storytelling, enabling you to capture the essence of a subject or a community over an extended period. They also stress the significance of adopting a long-distance attitude, fostering a deeper connection with the subjects and facilitating a more authentic representation of their lives. As the course progresses, Luck KORDAS addresses the crucial aspect of publishing your work and explores various avenues to showcase your documentary photographs. From exhibitions to books, online platforms to magazines, you will gain insights into the diverse opportunities available for sharing your stories with a wider audience. To enhance your learning experience and encourage practical application, Kordas provides a project description that challenges you to document your neighborhood or surroundings. By focusing on specific details, places, or individuals, you will learn to capture the essence of a larger narrative through a more intimate and personal lens. Kordas encourages you to immerse yourself in this project, allowing you to delve into uncharted territory and expand your skills as a documentary photographer. Whether you are already comfortable with street photography and looking to venture into documentary photography or simply curious to explore a case study of this transition, this course is designed for you. Kordas's expertise and passion for storytelling shine through, inspiring and empowering you to step into the realm of documentary photography. Enroll now and join Kordas on this enlightening journey. Gain invaluable knowledge, refine your skills, and embark on a project that will allow you to capture the unique stories that surround you. Your neighborhood is waiting to be documented, and through your lens, you have the power to share its essence with the world. Embrace this opportunity and let your creativity unfold.



—  Luck Kordas 


Welcome to this follow-up tutorial on street photography, which builds upon the knowledge and techniques covered in Kordas’s previous workshop. In this class, you will learn specific and more advanced techniques and tricks that he employs when working on the streets. By mastering these techniques, you will enhance your street photography skills and take your work to the next level. Throughout the course, we will explore a range of topics, starting with a general introduction to street photography as a genre. From there, we will dive into the specific techniques that set street photography apart. These include panning, using a zoom lens, capturing a sequence of images, and effectively working a scene. By understanding and applying these techniques, you will be able to create more dynamic and compelling street photographs. One of the key aspects we will address is how to overcome shyness, a common hurdle faced by street photographers. I will share practical tips and strategies that will help you feel more confident when photographing strangers in public spaces. Additionally, I will guide you on how to make the most of your time in the streets, ensuring that you are able to capture impactful moments and tell compelling visual stories. We will also explore the concept of shooting a sequence, which involves capturing a series of images that collectively convey a narrative or capture the essence of a particular moment. This technique adds depth and richness to your photographs, allowing you to tell a more comprehensive story. In addition, we will discuss why photographs don't always have to be tack sharp and explore the creative possibilities that come with introducing motion to still images. By embracing motion and experimenting with techniques such as panning, you can add a dynamic element to your photographs, evoking a sense of energy and movement. Another important lesson I will share is that street photography is not solely reliant on wide-angle lenses. While wide-angle lenses are often favored for capturing the broader context of a scene, I will show you how different focal lengths can be used creatively to bring your unique vision to life. To help you practice and apply the techniques covered in this tutorial, I have designed a class project for you. You are encouraged to shoot either or both of the following: a sequence of images or photos using the panning technique. By engaging in this project, you will have the opportunity to refine your skills and receive feedback from me, enabling you to further develop as a street photographer. This tutorial equips you with the tools and knowledge to become a better photographer. Remember, street photography is a continuous journey of exploration and self-expression. Embrace the challenge, embrace your unique perspective, and enjoy the process of capturing the essence of the streets through your lens. I look forward to seeing your work and providing feedback along the way. Let's embark on this creative journey together and elevate our street photography skills.



—  Luck Kordas 

Join Luc Kordas, an accomplished street photographer based in the bustling city of New York, as he takes you on an extraordinary journey through the vibrant streets of Manhattan and the iconic Coney Island. With his extensive experience and acclaimed series "New York Chronicles," Luc will guide you through his unique approach to street photography, sharing valuable insights, techniques, and personal anecdotes that will inspire and elevate your own photography practice. In this comprehensive course, Luc goes beyond the surface and provides an intimate glimpse into his world as a street photographer. He shares his beginnings, revealing the challenges, triumphs, and pivotal moments that shaped his photographic journey. Through his engaging storytelling, you will gain a deeper understanding of his artistic vision and the driving forces behind his passion for capturing the essence of New York City. Accompany Luc on location as he demonstrates his shooting process, sharing the strategies and techniques he employs to create compelling and evocative images. From navigating the bustling streets of Manhattan to the colorful and dynamic atmosphere of Coney Island, you will witness firsthand how Luc interacts with his surroundings and subjects to capture authentic moments that tell powerful stories. In addition to documenting his on-location shoots, Luc takes you into his studio, where he dives deeper into his creative process. He discusses the art of creating a cohesive photo series, offering valuable insights on curating and organizing your work to convey a distinct narrative or theme. Luc also explores the intricacies of approaching people on the street, providing practical tips and guidance on how to establish a connection and capture candid portraits that reflect the essence of his subjects. Furthermore, Luc shares his expertise in shooting posed portraits, revealing the techniques and considerations that go into creating captivating and intimate portraits. By understanding the nuances of composition, lighting, and directing subjects, you will learn how to capture genuine emotions and bring out the unique qualities of the individuals you photograph. As the course draws to a close, Luc invites you into his editing process, allowing you to gain an insider's perspective on how he transforms his raw captures into stunning final images. With his meticulous attention to detail and keen eye for aesthetics, Luc shares his editing techniques, demonstrating how he enhances colors, refines compositions, and emphasizes the narrative within each photograph. Throughout the course, Luc's passion for photography and his love for the streets of New York shine through. His genuine enthusiasm and dedication to his craft will inspire you to develop your own artistic voice and find your place in the ever-evolving world of street photography. Whether you are a beginner eager to explore the genre or an experienced photographer seeking fresh perspectives, Luc's guidance and expertise will empower you to take your photography to new heights. By embarking on this transformative journey with Luc Kordas, you will not only gain invaluable knowledge and practical skills but also a deeper appreciation for the art of street photography. Through his mentorship, you will learn to observe the world around you with a discerning eye, embrace spontaneity, and capture the fleeting moments that make up the tapestry of everyday life. Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to learn from one of the industry's finest. Join Luc Kordas on an unforgettable exploration of street photography, and unlock your potential to create captivating images that reflect the essence of the world around you.


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