Jellis Vaes 

Independant Photographer


Jellis Vaes is a talented and accomplished photographer known for his unique ability to capture compelling stories and evoke emotions through his images. His diverse body of work spans various genres of photography, highlighting his broad skill set and his keen eye for detail.

Originating from Belgium, Vaes has a gift for showcasing the world's beauty through his lens, capturing images ranging from the mundane to the extraordinary. His travels across the globe have taken him to some of the most remote and stunning locales, allowing him to create a vast portfolio filled with vibrant and evocative images.

As a travel photographer, Vaes excels at encapsulating the spirit and essence of the places he visits. His photographs provide viewers with a sense of place, delivering a unique perspective of the world's diverse landscapes, cultures, and people. Each image is a narrative that conveys the ambiance, colors, and textures of the locations he photographs.

In addition to his travel photography, Vaes also demonstrates a strong skill set in portrait and street photography. His portraits are known for their authenticity and depth, capturing the nuances of human emotion and personality. His street photography, on the other hand, offers unfiltered glimpses into everyday life in various corners of the world.

But Jellis Vaes's work extends beyond photography. He is also a writer, adventurer, and the founder of the Inner Picture Stories, a platform dedicated to personal development and mental health. His aim is to educate and inspire people by sharing valuable life lessons and promoting mental health awareness.

His multifaceted approach to his career combines his passions for photography, travel, writing, and wellness, making him an exceptional figure in the world of creative arts. His deep commitment to his craft and his dedication to making a positive impact in people's lives are truly inspiring.

Overall, Jellis Vaes embodies the spirit of a modern-day storyteller, using his camera as a tool to document the world around him and sharing his experiences to enrich, educate, and inspire others. His contribution to photography and personal development continues to resonate with audiences worldwide.

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—  Jellis Vaes 


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—  Jellis Vaes 


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