Javier Sancho Boils 

Independant Photographer


Javier Sancho Boils, a renowned figure in the world of photography, has seamlessly merged his dual passions: underwater photography and education. This fusion occurred rather fortuitously in the summer of 2015 when he, Amparo Muñoz Morellà, and Ismael Nadal were chosen to deliver a digital photography introductory course to 100 people in the Mancomunitat de l'Horta Sud de Valencia. This marked the inception of ANDANAfoto, a platform offering visual culture and photographic expression training to aid personal growth and development.

Drawing on a decade of experience in the retail sector, Javier founded andanasolutions, a natural progression to meet the growing market demands. The company provides comprehensive solutions for businesses and budding entrepreneurs seeking a quality online presence, including web development, photography, and training.

Javier's rich professional journey spans two decades, during which he served in multinational corporations like Vidal Europa and INELCOM Ingeniería Electrónica Comercial. While these tenures contributed to his technical knowledge in electronics and computer science, he eventually felt the pull to embark on a new professional path, for which he remains thankful to his former employers.

Currently, Javier collaborates with a team of professionals, allowing andanasolutions to offer holistic solutions to emerging needs, ranging from initial business planning, graphic design, communication to publicity, among others.

Responding to the recurring need for quality images among start-ups and businesses for their online stores, websites, or social media, Javier wrote the book 'Fotografía mejor para vender más' in 2017. This guide teaches readers to create better photographs using existing resources or minimal investment.

Javier’s love for his work shines through in his eagerness to share knowledge and embark on new projects, engage with fascinating individuals, and participate in major photography festivals like EXPOFOTO Galicia, Imaginaria en primavera, and FotoKalea. He has also led training sessions for commercial entities for institutions like Extremadura Avante, IDEA Alzira, and IMPULSA Alicante.
Javier has been serving as an e-commerce and online retail Professor in the Postgraduate course "EXPERTO EN RETAIL Y GESTIÓN DEL PUNTO DE VENTA" at the Universidad Europea de Valencia.

In order to gain first-hand market experience, Javier launched Art Mood, a brand offering original art, design, and photography on T-shirts. This venture aims to understand the realities of online commerce from within.

A founding member of the National Association for the Teaching of Photography (ANEF), Javier continues to promote research and the exchange of excellent and innovative teaching experiences.

Always ready to embrace new challenges, Javier welcomes collaborations, regardless of the project's complexity. His dedication to the world of photography and education continues to inspire many, as he shares his wisdom through courses, lectures, and workshops. His detailed information and future activities can be found under 'Cursos y conferencias.'

My Courses

Types of photography for a new project

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