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Emmanuel Rondeau is a renowned wildlife photographer who has spent years venturing into some of the most remote regions of the globe to capture stunning and insightful images of the natural world. His work is characterized by an intrinsic respect for his subjects, a meticulous eye for detail, and an evident passion for wildlife conservation. With every frame, Emmanuel seeks not only to show the beauty of nature but also to highlight the urgent need for its preservation.

Emmanuel's journey into photography started from a place of curiosity and love for the natural world. Born and raised in France, he spent his childhood exploring the forests and fields around his home, fostering a deep-seated appreciation for the natural world that would go on to inform his life's work. As he grew older, Emmanuel honed his skills and refined his craft, mastering the art of wildlife photography and capturing the beauty and diversity of our planet's ecosystems in stunning detail.

Emmanuel's work is much more than just aesthetically pleasing; it's a powerful narrative tool. His photography seeks to convey a message about the delicate balance of nature and the urgent need for conservation. He has traveled to remote corners of the globe, from the frozen tundras of the Arctic to the dense jungles of Southeast Asia, capturing images that tell a compelling story about the world's most endangered species and their struggle for survival.

As a testament to his skill and dedication, Emmanuel's work has been recognized on a global stage. His photographs have been featured in prominent publications like National Geographic, BBC Wildlife, and TIME Magazine. He has also been the recipient of several prestigious awards, including the Wildlife Photographer of the Year award.

But what truly sets Emmanuel apart is his commitment to wildlife conservation. He understands that his work has the power to inspire change and takes this responsibility very seriously. Emmanuel frequently partners with environmental organizations and uses his platform to raise awareness about important conservation issues. He also conducts workshops and seminars, teaching budding photographers about the importance of ethical wildlife photography and inspiring them to use their skills for good.

Despite his success, Emmanuel remains grounded and humble. He sees himself not as a master, but as a perpetual student of nature, continually learning from the world around him. His work is driven by a genuine love for wildlife and a deep-seated desire to protect our planet's natural heritage for future generations.

Emmanuel's images are not just strikingly beautiful; they are also poignant reminders of our responsibility towards the natural world. Through his lens, Emmanuel Rondeau continues to inspire, educate, and advocate for the conservation of our planet's precious wildlife. As he ventures into the wilderness, camera in hand, he carries with him a message of hope and resilience - a message that resonates with everyone who sees his work.

My Courses


—  Emmanuel Rondeau 


Do you want to learn how to capture successful landscape photos? Look no further, photographer Emmanuel Rondeau's training is here to guide you through all the necessary techniques to capture magnificent landscapes. Emmanuel Rondeau is a photojournalist and videographer specializing in nature, history, and conservation of natural spaces. His work has been published in numerous prestigious books and magazines such as Terre Sauvage, BBC Wildlife, Images et Nature, Nat’Images, and Compétence Photo. With his experience in America, Europe, and Africa, he is the perfect guide to teach you the secrets of landscape photography. The training takes the form of video courses on Elephorm, with an expert photographer to accompany you step by step. It includes both theoretical foundations and practical workshops, allowing you to acquire all the necessary knowledge and skills. To begin, the training presents the recommended equipment for landscape photography. You will learn how to choose the right camera body, suitable lenses, tripod and head, as well as a backpack to safely transport your equipment. You will also discover the importance of filters, remote triggers, flash, compass, and GPS for outdoor shooting. Next, Emmanuel Rondeau will teach you the rules and composition tips to create captivating landscape photos. You will learn how to creatively apply the rule of thirds, find interesting foregrounds, play with levels and colors, experiment with different perspectives, and understand proportions. Emmanuel will illustrate these concepts by taking landscape photos in the field, showing you how to put them into practice. The training continues by addressing essential settings during the shoot. You will learn how to manage depth of field, choose the right shooting mode, photograph in RAW format, interpret the brightness histogram, and correct exposure. You will also discover advanced techniques such as ETTR (Expose To The Right), using a timer and mirror lock-up, mastering Live View, the hyperfocal technique for sharpness, and managing lens flare. To put all these concepts into practice, the training offers creative workshops. You will learn how to capture panoramic photos, master long exposure techniques for water and stars, and search for interesting foregrounds and details using a telephoto lens. These exercises will allow you to consolidate your knowledge and develop your creativity. At the end of the training, you will be able to master all the necessary techniques to capture professional-quality landscape photos. Equipped with the theoretical and practical knowledge gained, you will be able to venture out independently and capture breathtaking landscapes. The detailed training program consists of several modules. Module 1 focuses on equipment, presenting the best cameras for landscape photography, suitable lenses, tripod and head, filters, remote trigger, backpack, flash, lighting, compass, and GPS. The course also covers composition rules and tips, while module 3 delves into essential settings during the shoot. Finally, He offers creative workshops to put all the learned concepts into practice. By completing this comprehensive training, you will develop your landscape photography skills and be able to capture exceptional images. Ready to explore the world through your lens? Dive into this training and let yourself be guided by Emmanuel Rondeau, an expert in the field of landscape photography.


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