Durand Brent 

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Brent Durand is a photographer whose work resonates deeply with nature lovers and adventure seekers. His breathtaking undersea imagery reveals a world that remains largely unseen by many, a world teeming with vibrant life, colors, and shapes. Durand's skill lies in capturing the ethereal beauty of the underwater world in a way that is accessible and engaging to all, sparking an appreciation for marine life and its environments.

Born and raised in California, Durand developed a profound love for the ocean early in his life. This passion is a driving force behind his career, propelling him to explore the depths of the ocean and share its wonders with a global audience. As an underwater photographer, he dives into environments ranging from tropical coral reefs to the chilly kelp forests of his home state, always in search of the next magical moment to capture.

Durand's photography is characterized by a sharp eye for detail, expert use of lighting, and the ability to capture marine life in action. His pictures are alive with movement, color, and texture, creating a mesmerizing visual journey for the viewer. In his work, ordinary sea creatures transform into extraordinary subjects, and the underwater world comes alive as a place of immense beauty and intrigue.

Yet, his work is not just about capturing beautiful images. There is a message underlying his photos: a call to recognize the beauty of the world beneath the waves and the importance of conserving it. By sharing his striking images with the world, Durand helps to raise awareness about the fragile state of our oceans and the urgent need for conservation.

In addition to his work as a photographer, Durand is also an established writer and educator in the field of underwater photography. He contributes to various diving and photography publications, sharing tips, techniques, and experiences from his underwater explorations. His writing, much like his photography, is engaging and accessible, making the often complex world of underwater photography approachable for photographers of all skill levels.

Durand's passion for sharing knowledge extends into his work as an educator. He conducts workshops and photography trips around the world, offering hands-on training in underwater photography. Participants learn how to handle the unique challenges posed by underwater environments, from managing lighting and equipment to approaching marine life respectfully.

His commitment to the photographic community is also evident in his role as an editor for the Underwater Photography Guide, where he curates and shares content that educates and inspires fellow underwater photographers. This work highlights his belief in the power of photography as a tool for storytelling and environmental advocacy.

Durand's accomplishments as an underwater photographer, writer, and educator are testament to his dedication and passion for the ocean. Through his work, he invites us to explore a world that is out of sight for most, sharing its wonders and igniting a sense of curiosity and respect for marine life.

In Brent Durand, we see not only a talented photographer but also a passionate ocean advocate. His images serve as a vivid reminder of the beauty that lies beneath the surface of our oceans, a beauty that is worth exploring, cherishing, and preserving. As he continues to delve into the depths, his work undoubtedly will continue to inspire and educate, reminding us all of the profound connection we share with the natural world.

My Courses


—  Durand Brent 


Underwater photography is a captivating and challenging genre that allows us to explore the fascinating world beneath the surface. If you're eager to dive into this unique art form and improve your underwater photography skills, the Course: the Underwater Photography series is designed to help you do just that. In this comprehensive lesson, you can conveniently learn from the comfort of your own home through a downloadable PDF that can be accessed on your computer, tablet, or mobile device. Spanning across 23 informative pages, you'll delves deep into essential topics that will enhance your understanding and proficiency in underwater photography. With detailed explanations and practical exercises, this lesson covers a range of important aspects that will contribute to your success in capturing stunning underwater images. One of the key foundations of underwater photography is mastering autofocus. You'll gain a solid grasp of autofocus basics, including how it functions and the different drive modes available. Understanding autofocus area selection is crucial for achieving sharp and well-focused images, and this lesson provides valuable insights into selecting the appropriate autofocus area to suit your subject and shooting conditions. By applying the autofocus techniques taught in this lesson, you'll have the skills to capture clear and precise underwater shots. Composition is another vital aspect of photography. The course offers valuable composition tips specifically tailored to the underwater environment. You'll learn how to effectively frame your subjects, create visual interest, and balance elements within the frame. These composition techniques will help you capture captivating underwater scenes and draw viewers into your photographs. Backscatter, caused by suspended particles in the water, can often plague underwater photographers. The course provides also practical guidance on minimizing backscatter and maintaining clarity in your images. You'll learn techniques and tips for reducing unwanted specks and haze, allowing you to produce cleaner and more visually striking underwater photographs. To elevate your underwater photography to the next level, mastering advanced light positions is essential. This lesson delves into various lighting techniques that can add depth, drama, and dimension to your underwater shots. Understanding how to position and manipulate light underwater will allow you to create stunning visual effects and bring out the beauty of the underwater world. This cours is part of a comprehensive three-lesson series, offering a solid foundation in the fundamentals of underwater photography. In Lesson 1, you'll learn basic camera settings, explore settings reciprocity, understand depth of field, and engage in dynamic practice exercises. Additionally, the course focuses on understanding the histogram, mastering exposure through exercises, and learning the exposure process for both macro and wide-angle shots. Whether you're a beginner eager to embark on your underwater photography journey or an intermediate photographer looking to enhance your skills, the course provides valuable knowledge and practical techniques to elevate your underwater photography. With its convenient format and engaging content, this course equips you with the tools to capture stunning underwater images that convey the beauty and wonder of the underwater world. Embrace the opportunity to explore and hone your underwater photography skills, and let your creativity flourish beneath the surface.



—  Durand Brent 


Master the art of underwater photography exposure for both macro and wide-angle shots with our comprehensive 24-page photo lesson. In this lesson, you will learn how to effectively utilize the histogram, understand basic strobe positions, and achieve optimal exposure in your underwater images. The lesson begins by delving into the importance of proper exposure in underwater photography. You will learn how to interpret the histogram, a powerful tool that allows you to analyze the tonal distribution and ensure accurate exposure. Understanding the histogram will enable you to make informed decisions regarding exposure settings, resulting in well-balanced and visually appealing images. Next, the lesson focuses on macro photography, teaching you how to achieve ideal exposure for close-up shots of small subjects. You will explore techniques such as using strobes to illuminate the subject and control shadows, as well as understanding the relationship between ambient light and artificial light sources. Moving on to wide-angle photography, the lesson covers the unique challenges and considerations associated with capturing expansive underwater scenes. You will learn how to balance ambient light and strobe lighting to achieve the desired exposure, bringing out the vivid colors and intricate details of the underwater environment. Throughout the lesson, you will find two practice exercises that allow you to apply the concepts learned in real-world scenarios. These exercises provide an opportunity to refine your skills and reinforce your understanding of underwater exposure techniques. To assess your progress and comprehension, a quiz is included at the end of the lesson. This quiz will test your knowledge and ensure that you have mastered the key concepts presented. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced underwater photographer, this lesson is designed to enhance your understanding of exposure techniques and take your underwater images to the next level. By mastering exposure, you will have the ability to capture stunning and well-exposed underwater photographs that showcase the beauty of the underwater world. Enroll in our underwater photo exposure lesson today and gain the knowledge and skills to confidently control exposure in both macro and wide-angle underwater photography. Expand your creativity, enhance your technical proficiency, and capture breathtaking images that truly reflect the mesmerizing world beneath the surface.



—  Durand Brent 


Immerse yourself in the world of underwater photography with our comprehensive 19-page photo lesson. This foundational lesson is designed to provide you with the essential knowledge and skills to kickstart your underwater photography journey. The lesson begins by introducing you to the basic camera settings required for underwater photography. You will learn how to navigate through the various controls and functions, allowing you to confidently adjust settings such as aperture, shutter speed, and ISO to achieve optimal results in different shooting situations. Next, the concept of settings reciprocity is explained, highlighting the relationship between aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. Understanding this reciprocity is crucial for achieving proper exposure and balancing the settings to capture stunning underwater images. Depth of field is a key consideration in underwater photography, and the lesson delves into this topic. You will learn how to control and manipulate depth of field to achieve your desired focus and create captivating compositions. Techniques such as adjusting aperture and focal length will be explored to help you achieve the desired depth of field effect. To reinforce your learning, the lesson includes two practice exercises that allow you to apply the concepts covered in real-world scenarios. These exercises provide hands-on experience and enable you to hone your skills in adjusting camera settings and understanding their impact on your underwater images. Finally, a quick quiz is included to test your knowledge and ensure a solid understanding of the material presented in the lesson. By completing this foundational lesson, you will establish a strong underwater photography foundation. You will gain proficiency in basic camera settings, understand the principles of settings reciprocity, and master the concept of depth of field. Armed with this knowledge, you will be well-equipped to tackle more advanced techniques and explore the limitless creative possibilities that underwater photography offers. Enroll in this course today and unlock your creative potential, capture mesmerizing underwater images, and embark on an incredible journey of exploration and discovery beneath the surface.


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