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Chris Knight, an extraordinary talent in the world of photography, is a name that's revered in the industry for his uncompromising eye for detail, cinematic vision, and his unique blend of art history knowledge and modern technology. Born in Wiesbaden, Germany, but honed in the intense humidity of Florida, Chris has crafted a distinctive artistic voice that resonates powerfully in his stunning images.

Raised amidst the fascinating contrast of old-world European charm and the vibrancy of American culture, Chris' photographic journey reflects a rich tapestry of influences. He combines his deep-rooted love of art history with a cutting-edge love of technology, culminating in a style that's characterized by meticulous precision, grandeur, and timeless allure.

His flair for the dramatic and cinematic is palpable in every image he creates. Every frame tells a story, every shot an invitation to step into a world where classic and contemporary aesthetics meet in a striking visual symphony. This unique fusion of styles gives Chris' work an enduring appeal, turning each photograph into an art piece that transcends time and trends.

Chris Knight's illustrious career boasts an impressive list of accomplishments. His remarkable work has graced the pages and covers of some of the world's most respected publications, including Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, GQ, and L'Officiel, to name a few. Whether he's capturing a moment for People magazine or creating a visually compelling narrative for MSNBC, Chris infuses every project with his signature blend of artistic integrity and technical expertise.

In addition to his photography work, Chris has also made significant contributions to the industry as an author and educator. His book, "The Dramatic Portrait," serves as a comprehensive guide for photographers seeking to capture depth and drama in their portraiture. As a "Profoto Legend of Light" and a Fujifilm Creator, Chris shares his wealth of knowledge and expertise, inspiring and educating the next generation of photographers.

His commitment to education extends to his roles as an instructor at prestigious institutions like Pratt Institute and the New York Film Academy. Here, he imparts his wisdom and experience, guiding students on their journeys to becoming skilled photographers and visual artists.

Yet, despite his considerable achievements, Chris remains grounded, with a continuous desire to learn, evolve, and push his creative boundaries. His work is a testament to his unconditional love for his craft, a love that remains undeterred by the constant changes in the industry. With his boundless creativity and enduring passion, Chris Knight continues to shape the world of photography, one stunning image at a time.

Chris Knight's journey illustrates the potent blend of talent, dedication, and hard work. His mastery over his craft and his unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in photography serve as an inspiration to both budding and seasoned photographers worldwide. Through his lens, we're offered a unique perspective on the world - one that's deeply rooted in history yet boldly modern, beautifully timeless yet daringly contemporary. As Chris continues to capture the world through his lens, we eagerly anticipate the narratives he'll share, the stories he'll tell, and the moments he'll immortalize in his remarkable style.

My Courses


—  chris Knight 


n this comprehensive photography course, Chris serves as your knowledgeable guide, leading you through a series of lessons focused on achieving mastery in lighting techniques. Each lesson is carefully designed to build upon the previous one, providing a seamless progression of knowledge and practical skills. From the very beginning, you'll delve into the world of lighting, starting with an understanding of different types of lights and their unique characteristics. As the course progresses, Chris takes you deeper into the art of manipulating light. You'll learn how to effectively position light sources to create desired effects and moods in your photographs. By mastering the subtle nuances of light placement, you'll have the power to completely transform the look and feel of your images. Throughout the course, the importance of using light modifiers becomes apparent. Chris introduces a variety of modifiers, such as diffusers, reflectors, and flags, and explains how each one can be used to shape and control the light. You'll gain insights into the versatility and creative possibilities that these modifiers offer, enabling you to craft visually stunning compositions. The lessons also explore different lighting setups, ranging from single-light configurations to more complex double and triple light setups. Through practical demonstrations, Chris shows you how to create depth, dimension, and dynamic lighting effects by incorporating multiple light sources. With each lesson, you'll gain a deeper understanding of how to balance and control these lights to achieve the desired visual impact. Shadow detail is another critical aspect covered in this course. Chris emphasizes its importance in creating a balanced and visually appealing photograph. He demonstrates how fill lights can be used to bring back important details in the shadow areas, ensuring that your images maintain a captivating level of detail throughout. As you progress towards the later lessons, the course takes a more specialized turn. Chris shares techniques for creating nuanced and refined lighting specifically tailored for portrait photography. You'll learn how to highlight the unique essence of your subjects, capturing their personality and character through expertly crafted lighting setups. By the end of the course, you'll have acquired the skills and confidence to manipulate light effectively, bringing your artistic vision to life in various genres of photography. Whether you're capturing stunning portraits, creating captivating still life compositions, or producing compelling commercial images, you'll possess the necessary tools and knowledge to create professional-quality photographs. Throughout the course, Chris's guidance ensures that you not only understand the technical aspects of lighting but also develop an intuitive sense of how to utilize light creatively. With each lesson, you'll gain valuable insights, practical knowledge, and hands-on experience that will empower you to elevate your photography skills and achieve your desired artistic goals. So join Chris on this enlightening journey, and unlock the full potential of lighting in your photographic pursuits.


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