Angeline Querel 

Independant Photographer


Come and meet a unique artist: a female photographer who has dedicated herself to the praise and celebration of "everyday heroines". Her name is Angeline Querel. Her mission? To highlight these remarkable women who, every day, carry their family, their job, their life, with a resilience and strength that defy the ordinary.

Angeline speaks to these women - mothers, best friends, sisters, daughters - who, with their tireless love and perseverance, make life more beautiful and enriching for all those around them. She offers them a moment of pure magic, a day when, for once, the world revolves around them.

With Angeline, these women have the opportunity to find themselves, to celebrate themselves as they are, regardless of their body or age, and to be proud of it. She creates a space where their inner beauty can radiate outward, a space where they can truly shine.

Angeline sees herself as the blue fairy of Cinderella, not transforming the heroine, but dressing her in a layer of sparkle and glamour, thus giving these women full confidence in themselves. Armed with this confidence, they are ready to seize life with gusto, to embrace their potential and celebrate their uniqueness.

Each photo session with Angeline Querel is a transformative experience, a journey towards self-discovery, a celebration of the woman in all her splendour. Using the lens of her camera, she captures not just an image, but the very essence of the woman standing before her, revealing the truth, simplicity, and beauty hidden within each one.

Angeline Querel is much more than a photographer. She is a true artist, a visual storyteller, a champion of self-esteem. Through her work, she reminds all women of their inherent worth, their power, and their beauty, and gives them the means to shine with their own light.

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