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About This Course

In this training, Greg Finck unveils in detail his complete workflow for wedding photography, allowing you to optimize your workflow and efficiency.

You will discover how Greg prepares himself before the event, implementing rigorous organization and optimizing his equipment. He will share his tips and tricks to be ready to capture every important moment and not miss a thing.

During the actual wedding, Greg will guide you through his shooting techniques, giving you insights into how he captures stunning and emotional images. He will also explain how he manages light during a wedding, using creative lighting techniques to achieve exceptional results.

One of Greg's strengths is his ability to direct couples and make them feel comfortable in front of the camera. You will learn how he guides and poses them naturally, capturing authentic and timeless images.

When it comes to the editing stage, Greg will reveal his secrets to achieving stunning results, whether in film or digital. You will discover his advanced editing techniques, including color grading and subtle retouching, to give your images a unique and consistent aesthetic.

Greg places great importance on preserving wedding memories, and he will explain how he organizes and archives his images in an organized and secure manner. He will also share his approach to lifetime warranty on the photos he offers to his clients, providing them with peace of mind and the assurance that their precious memories will be preserved forever.

By participating in this training, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of Greg Finck's working methods, enabling you to improve your own workflow and achieve a higher level of quality in your wedding photography. You will benefit from valuable insights from a renowned professional, who will share all his knowledge and expertise accumulated over the years.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to learn from the best practices and proven techniques of an internationally acclaimed wedding photographer. Join the training now and dive into the captivating world of wedding photography with Greg Finck as your guide

Acquired Knowledge

cette formation s’adresse à tous les photographes qui vivent ou souhaitent vivre de la photographie, et souhaitent améliorer leur flux de travail ainsi que leur efficacité.


Greg Finck
Over the past 10 years, Greg Finck has specialized in documenting weddings and events across the globe for a high-end international clientele. Greg specializes in shooting medium-format film, as this provides an unrivaled quality and look to the images he produces.


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