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About This Course

The profession of a photographer is no longer just about taking photos. It now requires a unique perspective on the world, making artistic choices, and contemplating photography for its own sake. Becoming a photographer means choosing and defending your own uniqueness, personality, artistic choices, and creating an atmosphere and style that are distinctly yours. In a world where identity has become essential for businesses, this also applies to photographers. Your photographic identity is the key to standing out and being recognized. It is what enables you to work with clients who share your vision and style.

Photographic identity and graphic identity are closely intertwined. They represent the aesthetic realization of who you are as a photographer. That's why the course "How to Stand Out Without Playing the Game of Competition" aims to help you develop your photographic identity and effectively communicate it.

First and foremost, the course guides you in understanding your deep aspirations as a photographer. It encourages you to rethink conventions and identify your strengths and fears in order to overcome them. By truly understanding what drives you, you will be able to define your uniqueness in a simple and effective way and communicate it to others.

The course also addresses the essential aspects of establishing a coherent brand and building a trusting relationship with your clients. You will learn how to define a color palette that is unique to you and makes sense in your work. Furthermore, you will discover how to guide the branding process to effectively communicate your style to a graphic designer. The goal is to create a visual identity that reflects your unique style and attracts clients who resonate with it.

The course also provides tips and techniques to break conventional norms and enhance the impact of your work. You will learn how to effectively present your work to showcase its value. The objective is to reach and convince clients who share your artistic vision.

Understanding the importance of positioning, target audience, competition, and pricing is also crucial for adapting your overall communication strategy. The course will help you analyze these elements and integrate them into your communication strategy. You will learn how to effectively position yourself in the market while staying true to your photographic identity.

By the end of the course, you will be able to create images that truly reflect who you are and convey your essence in every detail of your communication. You will have acquired the necessary skills to understand your aspirations, define your uniqueness, communicate effectively, create a coherent visual identity, break conventional norms for greater impact, present your work convincingly, and adapt your overall communication strategy based on your positioning, target audience, competition, and pricing.

Acquired Knowledge

Suite à ce cours vous serez apte à mieux comprendre vos aspirations profondes, identifier vos atouts et vous communiquerez plus facilement.
Vous saurez notamment capable de communiquer une vision, une sensation, un feeling à un graphiste


Michael Ferire
Michael Ferire is a highly esteemed photographer whose work transcends the ordinary to evoke emotion and connection. Known for his striking portraiture and intimate lifestyle photography, Ferire excels at capturing the essence of his subjects and evoking a sense of story and emotion through his images. Born and based in Belgium, Ferire has a deep appreciation for the subtle beauty of the everyday, a theme that permeates his work. His approach to photography is characterized by a keen eye for detail, a profound understanding of light and shadow, and an ability to create a sense of intimacy and authenticity in his images. Ferire’s approach to portraiture stands out in particular. Rather than focusing on perfect poses and idealized scenarios, he encourages his subjects to be themselves, capturing candid moments that reveal genuine emotion and personality. This gives his portraits a unique, raw quality that makes them deeply engaging and relatable. In addition to his portraiture, Ferire is also recognized for his stunning lifestyle and commercial photography. His ability to convey a brand's ethos through beautifully composed and emotionally resonant images has led to collaborations with numerous businesses, from small local companies to internationally recognized brands. Beyond his work behind the lens, Ferire is also known for his commitment to sharing his knowledge and passion with others. He offers workshops and mentorship programs, passing on his insights and techniques to a new generation of photographers. His dedication to his craft, combined with his unique artistic vision and generosity as a mentor, has solidified his reputation as a leading figure in contemporary photography


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