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About This Course

The zoo is a wonderful place to begin or renew your love of photography! Join Steven Gotz at the Oakland Zoo as he takes you through all of the photographic opportunities that can be found at your local zoo. From shooting megafauna like lions and bears to microfauna like reptiles and insects, there’s always something to photograph at a zoo.

Acquired Knowledge

In this class you’ll learn about the gear and camera settings you can use, how to shoot through fencing and glass, how to use small flash in surprising ways, how to shoot animals in natural looking habitats, the importance of doing your research before you go, and so much more. As Steven takes you through the zoo he shares many tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your zoo experience.


Steven Gotz
Steven Gotz, a name synonymous with the art of zoo photography, has significantly shaped the field with his exceptional body of work. Steven Gotz’s creative brilliance and passion for capturing the beauty of wildlife are palpable in his photographs, making him one of the most respected zoo photographers globally. His love for the subject, technical prowess, and exceptional understanding of animal behavior all combine to create stunning images that captivate the viewer's attention. Growing up in close proximity to nature, Steven Gotz's fascination with animals took root early. His frequent visits to zoos as a child sparked a lifelong passion for animals and a profound desire to capture their beauty and individuality through the lens of a camera. Steven Gotz’s work goes beyond just taking pictures. He captures the personality and spirit of the animals in his images, showing us that they are not just creatures existing in an enclosed space, but individuals with unique traits and emotions. This has significantly contributed to the way we view animals in zoos, making us appreciate their majesty and dignity. His photographic technique is meticulous, and his compositions display a keen understanding of light, space, and perspective. He excels in working with varying light conditions and backgrounds in the zoo environment, managing to create images that often look as if they were shot in the wild. His use of depth of field and focus, combined with a keen eye for detail, results in images that are incredibly lifelike and moving. One of the hallmarks of Gotz’s work is his commitment to ethical photography practices. He firmly believes in respecting the animals he photographs, never disturbing their natural behavior for the sake of a shot. This ethos not only showcases his professionalism but also sets a benchmark for others in the field. In addition to his zoo photography, Gotz is also an educator. He conducts workshops and lectures, sharing his knowledge and passion with budding photographers. His generous approach to education is underlined by his firm belief in the importance of visual storytelling in promoting wildlife conservation. Steven Gotz's work has touched many, from photography enthusiasts to animal lovers and conservationists. His photos act as a window to the natural world, instilling in viewers a sense of awe and respect for the beautiful creatures we share our planet with. His work has, thus, greatly contributed to heightening awareness about the importance of conservation and respectful interactions with animals, both in captivity and in the wild. In conclusion, Steven Gotz's contribution to zoo photography is monumental. His captivating images, ethical practices, and passion for education make him a true icon in the field. He has truly shown that the barriers of a zoo enclosure can be transcended through the lens of a camera, allowing viewers to connect with the animals on a deeper level.


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