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About This Course

"Landscape Photography Adventure" is a meticulously designed course by Ramtin Kazemi, aiming to prepare aspiring photographers for successful outdoor shoots. Throughout the course, the emphasis is placed on the importance of pre-planning and the art of on-site scouting in landscape photography.

The course begins with a focus on pre-scouting your location, stressing that knowledge about the location is crucial before any actual photography trip. This stage involves researching the site, understanding its geographical features, studying its climate and weather conditions, and identifying potential spots for shooting. This comprehensive preparation process ensures that photographers can maximize their time and resources once they're on location.

The following lesson is dedicated to essential gear. Ramtin shares his own toolkit and explains the role and importance of each piece of equipment. Understanding the correct gear for landscape photography not only enhances the quality of the images but also ensures the photographer's safety and efficiency in often challenging outdoor conditions.

As Ramtin sets off for his location in the subsequent lesson, he shares his thoughts and anticipations during the drive. This segment provides insights into the mindset of an experienced landscape photographer and offers a firsthand look at the anticipation and preparation that goes into the journey.

Upon arrival at the location, the next two lessons delve into on-site scouting. Ramtin walks around the site, familiarizing himself with the area, seeking potential compositions, and deciding on the best spots and times for shooting. The importance of exploring and understanding the site's physical terrain is emphasized, demonstrating how different angles can significantly impact the composition.

Once the scouting phase is completed, Ramtin transitions to finding the best composition through the lens of his camera. This involves experimenting with different angles and perspectives to capture the landscape's unique characteristics.

The course concludes with a lesson on post-processing. Here, Ramtin takes students through his workflow in Adobe Lightroom Classic, demonstrating how post-processing can enhance the final images and bring the photographer's vision to life. From color correction to exposure adjustment and detail enhancement, this section covers a range of techniques that can elevate the aesthetics of the captured images.

All in all, "Landscape Photography Adventure" provides a comprehensive guide to planning and executing a successful landscape photography trip. It offers valuable insights, practical tips, and real-life demonstrations that can benefit both budding and experienced landscape photographers.


Ramtin Kazemi
Ramtin (Rammy) Kazemi is an award-winning Landscape photographer based in Canada. He’s also a tour guide with a passion for the wilderness and the outdoors. Ramtin started photography as a hobby. After picking up his first camera, he fell in love with it— especially photographing the outdoors. His passion for adventure in the wilderness and pristine landscapes is the driving factor behind his photography. Aside from being a well-known landscape photographer, and worldwide instructor, Ramtin runs photo tours/workshops at his favorite locations.


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