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About This Course

In this comprehensive course on street photography, students are introduced to the essential skills needed to master this dynamic and unpredictable form of photography. Designed to build a well-rounded understanding of street photography, the course covers everything from gear essentials and storytelling techniques, to understanding light sources and post-processing images in Lightroom.

At the outset, the course focuses on training the photographer's eye to spot unique and compelling moments as they unfold in real time on the streets. This fundamental skill, often overlooked in traditional photography courses, is crucial for anyone aspiring to excel in street photography.

Following the foundational lesson, the course delves into the critical gear necessary for street photography. Here, students are guided to make informed decisions about the equipment that will best suit their style and needs while shooting on the streets.

Further, the course moves to the critical area of composition, where students are taught to understand the elements of effective composition. This includes identifying compelling narratives in ordinary street scenes and constructing an image that successfully communicates this story to the viewer.

The topic of storytelling is explored in greater detail across three sessions. Starting with an introduction to the concept of storytelling in photography, the course then delves into the techniques of achieving compositional balance and explores advanced strategies for more effective storytelling.

The next part of the course is dedicated to understanding and manipulating light sources. Common mistakes caused by habit and unmindful perception are discussed, along with strategies to rectify these issues. Additionally, the challenge of keeping moving subjects in focus is tackled, equipping students with the skills to handle tricky situations on the streets.

Following this, the course shifts its attention to the use of light in high contrast photography. This section not only covers the techniques to create punchy, high contrast images but also includes an in-depth study of composition techniques. Furthermore, the course examines which images are more suitable for color and which lend themselves better to black and white, providing students with a nuanced understanding of color in street photography.

The course concludes with a focus on post-processing techniques in Lightroom. Over three sessions, students are guided on the why and how of enhancing their street photography images through editing. The process of transforming raw shots into compelling images that tell a story is demystified.

Finally, the course wraps up with a summary of all the concepts taught, providing students with a consolidated understanding of the world of street photography. With this comprehensive training, students are well equipped to venture into the streets and capture the world around them in an engaging and creative manner.

Acquired Knowledge

How to obtain street photography with narrative component and pleasing to eyes.
The training and developing of seeing eye
Developing of a clear mindset on how to do street photography that evokes viewer's heart
Understanding of essential gear for street photography
Learn to use light source creatively and effectively
How to keep moving subject in focus and how to deal with tricking situations.
The training in seeing the nuances and subtlety
Develop a technique to distinguish what’s relevant for Color and B&W respectively.


Very basic camera knowledge, a camera.


Adam Tan
Adam Tan is a contemporary photographer who has made a name for himself with his evocative images that manage to capture the sublime in everyday moments. His passion for photography began at a young age and he has since honed his skills, carving out a unique place for himself in the world of modern photography. Adam's photography is characterized by its exquisite composition and depth of emotion. His images often play with light and shadow to bring a sense of dramatic tension, turning seemingly mundane scenes into stirring works of art. His photographs are like stories without words, each one capturing a narrative that compels the viewer to delve into their imagination and complete the tale. Adam's innovative approach to photography doesn't stop at composition. He is also known for his commitment to pushing the boundaries of photographic technology. He is a frequent experimenter with different photographic techniques and equipment, always looking for new ways to capture and convey his vision. In addition to his personal creative work, Adam Tan is also a much sought-after professional photographer. His portfolio includes work across a range of genres, including portraiture, lifestyle, and travel photography. His ability to understand and cater to the specific needs of his clients while maintaining his artistic vision is one of the qualities that set him apart in his field. Adam's work has been showcased in numerous exhibitions and publications worldwide. He has been recognized by his peers and critics for his talent and innovative approach to photography. Despite these accolades, Adam remains humble and committed to his craft. He believes that there is always something new to learn in photography, and that the true value of his work lies in the emotions and reactions it evokes in the viewer. In conclusion, Adam Tan is not just a photographer but a storyteller. His photographs go beyond the surface to explore deeper meanings and emotions. Whether he is capturing a candid moment or crafting a carefully composed image, his work always resonates with authenticity and emotion. Adam's photography serves as a reminder that beauty can be found in the most unexpected places, if only we take the time to look.


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