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About This Course

Learn 200 years of artistic innovation in less than two hours. Transform flat pictures into 3D photos with Perspective.

Acquired Knowledge

Say goodby to flat, lifeless photos and learn to make 3D pictures that POP!
Learn the 5 types of Perspective that every professional photographer should know.
Learn to create depth in every picture without leading lines or horizons, so you have the confidence to make great pictures anywhere in the world.
Learn techniques that took over 200 years to evolve in less than 2 hours.
Learn the mistakes most people make without knowing it.
You don't need gimmicks like HDR or expensive gear to make award winning pictures.
You will find these techniques in EVERY award winning photograph, on the cover of EVERY major magazine, and in EVERY museum around the world. These


It does not matter what camera you use, it can be a cell phone or a $50,000 medium format camera,
All you need is a desire to take better pictures
Anyone who knows they are not reaching their creative potential
This is for photographers who want to know what separates Good pictures from Great pictures
This is for photographers who want to understand what makes a successful photograph
Photographers who are bored of the normal “Top 10 lists” and gimmick programs of photography training


Adam Marelli
Marelli takes a significantly different approach to photography, putting the experience first and the camera second. Armed only with a pencil and a camera, he takes art out of the studio and re-examines the roles of artist and explorer. Unlike other photographers, he is not an observer behind the lens. He is an artist who participates, understands and works alongside the cultures he photographs. For the past eight years, Marelli has opened the doors of his studio to train photographers in the lost lessons of classical art. Throughout the year, he conducts international photography workshops in Europe and Asia for small groups. Individual programs are offered for those who prefer personalized instruction.


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