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The Canon 1300D / Rebel T6 is a popular entry-level DSLR camera that provides beginners with a great platform to explore their passion for photography. If you have recently acquired this camera and want to make the most of its features and capabilities, then this comprehensive course is tailor-made for you. Led by Jeremy Bayston, a highly experienced picture editor with over 25 years of industry knowledge, this tutorial will guide you through every aspect of the Canon 1300D / Rebel T6, helping you unleash your creativity and capture stunning photographs.

With a strong emphasis on simplicity and clarity, this course begins by familiarizing you with the camera's fundamental functions. Jeremy's expertise shines through as he walks you through each button, dial, and menu option, ensuring that you have a solid understanding of the camera's controls and settings. You will gain confidence in navigating the camera's interface, adjusting exposure, and setting up the camera according to your preferences.

As the course progresses, Jeremy delves deeper into various shooting modes and techniques to help you achieve professional-level results. He explores different creative effects, such as aperture priority and shutter priority modes, enabling you to control depth of field and motion blur to add artistic flair to your images. Furthermore, Jeremy provides insights on white balance, ISO sensitivity, and metering modes, allowing you to achieve accurate color reproduction and exposure in different lighting conditions.

One of the highlights of this course is the comprehensive coverage of shooting videos with the Canon 1300D / Rebel T6. Jeremy shares his expertise on capturing high-quality footage, including tips on composition, focus, and camera movement. You will learn how to optimize sound recording for movies, ensuring that your videos not only look professional but sound great as well.

To further enhance your learning experience, Jeremy has meticulously crafted over 4 hours of over-the-shoulder training videos. These videos provide detailed step-by-step demonstrations of various features and techniques, allowing you to follow along and practice as you learn. From mastering the camera's menu system to understanding advanced shooting modes, these videos are an invaluable resource that will deepen your understanding and proficiency with the Canon 1300D / Rebel T6.

Throughout the course, Jeremy's teaching style is engaging, clear, and easy to follow. He shares practical tips, real-world examples, and personal insights that go beyond the technical aspects of using the camera. You will gain a deeper understanding of composition, lighting, and storytelling, which are essential elements for creating compelling photographs.

By the end of this course, you will have acquired the knowledge and skills necessary to capture breathtaking images with the Canon 1300D / Rebel T6. You will feel confident in exploring different shooting modes, experimenting with exposure settings, and unleashing your creativity. Whether you are interested in landscape photography, portraiture, or street photography, this course equips you with the tools to excel in any genre.

Enrolling in this Canon 1300D Rebel T6 tutorial is not just about learning the technicalities of a camera; it is about igniting your passion for photography and discovering your unique style. Jeremy's wealth of experience and practical insights will empower you to go beyond the basics and delve into the artistry of capturing captivating images.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to embark on a transformative photography journey with the Canon 1300D / Rebel T6. Enroll in this course today and unlock your full potential as a photographer. Capture moments that inspire, evoke emotions, and tell stories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Acquired Knowledge

You will learn how to use this Canon DSLR camera to take great pictures and videos!


Jeremy Bayston
Meet Jeremy Bayston, a professional picture editor, photographer, and videographer, whose career spans across three decades. Jeremy has made an indelible mark in the world of photography, leveraging his rich experience to capture life's moments through his dynamic lenses. His contribution to British newspapers as a picture editor for nearly 30 years has made a substantial impact on the photography scene in the United Kingdom. His in-depth knowledge of photography and his relentless pursuit of perfection have paved the way for a successful career in the field. As a picture editor, Jeremy has a keen eye for detail, and an uncanny ability to tell stories through the images he curates. This skill extends to his work as a photographer and videographer, where he weaves together narratives, capturing compelling visuals that leave a lasting impression. A testament to his profound knowledge of the craft is the four camera manuals he has authored. These guides reflect his technical expertise and his ability to break down complex concepts into accessible and engaging content. His manuals are more than just instruction books; they are a culmination of the practical insights and extensive knowledge he has amassed over his illustrious career. However, Jeremy's commitment to the world of photography transcends beyond his own work. His passion is evident in his active role within the photography community, where he runs a dedicated photography website and a YouTube channel. On these platforms, Jeremy takes his followers on an enlightening journey through the world of photography, sharing insights on new camera models, innovative photographic techniques, and various other exciting developments within the industry. What truly sets Jeremy apart is his willingness to share his knowledge and his dedication to lifelong learning. He eagerly shares the wisdom he has gathered from working with other excellent photographers over his career. He believes in passing on this knowledge, with the hope that it will inspire the next generation of photographers and encourage them to push the boundaries of creativity. In essence, Jeremy Bayston is not just a photographer but a mentor, a guide, and a source of inspiration for many in the photography community. His work, his teachings, and his passion for photography continue to contribute to the growth and dynamism of this vibrant field. He is a beacon of creativity and knowledge, lighting the way for aspiring photographers around the world.


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