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About This Course

Prepare to be inspired as you join Johny Spencer, on an extraordinary photographic adventure. With his enviable role as a photographer for The National Park Service, Johny has the privilege of capturing the awe-inspiring beauty of the Australian wilderness. His extensive experience in shooting and editing tens of thousands of landscape and nature images makes him the perfect guide to address the common concern among aspiring landscape photographers - the quest for capturing the perfect shot.
Johny created this comprehensive course because he recognizes the immense value of his expertise and knowledge in helping photographers overcome the challenges they face. Having mastered every trick and technique under the Australian sun, Johny consistently delivers outstanding results in his work. Now, he is eager to share his wisdom with you, enabling you to achieve the same level of success.

Embark on a captivating 4-hour video journey with Johny as your trusted companion. The adventure begins in the comfort of the studio before venturing into the breathtaking Australian outdoors. Throughout the course, Johny will cover every aspect of shooting and editing landscapes and nature, equipping you with the skills and insights needed to excel in your photography journey.

From the fundamental principles of composition and lighting to the selection of the appropriate equipment and mastering exposure, Johny will expertly guide you through each step of the process. Drawing from his vast experience, he will share invaluable tips and techniques that will elevate your images, allowing you to truly showcase the remarkable beauty of the natural world.

But the journey does not stop there. Johny will delve into the art of post-processing, teaching you how to bring your images to life through expert editing techniques. You will learn to enhance colors, fine-tune tones, and accentuate the intricate details in your landscape and nature photographs, transforming them from good to extraordinary.

Throughout the course, Johny's passion for photography and the Australian wilderness shines brightly. His teaching style is engaging and accessible, ensuring photographers of all skill levels can easily follow along and apply the techniques taught. You will benefit immensely from his real-world experiences, gaining valuable insights into the challenges and rewards of capturing landscape and nature images in one of the world's most stunning locations.

Acquired Knowledge

Why do a boring landscapes course when you can travel through the great outdoors of Australia with a character like Johny? The scenery is stunning and Johny’s fun and relaxed approach means no boring tutorials that you skip through on double speed.


David Cuerdon
David Cuerdon, an award-winning visual artist, is a maverick in the world of photography, revered not just for his artistic prowess, but also for his innovative use of digital technology. As one of the world's first digital fashion photographers, Cuerdon has firmly established himself as a trailblazer in the industry, earning recognition for his unique fusion of creative vision and advanced technical skills. Born into an era of film and darkrooms, Cuerdon embraced the advent of digital technology, integrating it seamlessly into his work. His penchant for exploring new frontiers of creativity through technological advancements is a testament to his adaptability, marking him as a true digital pioneer. This ability to merge art and technology is visible in his extensive body of work, which ranges from striking fashion photography to captivating portraiture. His work has not only been showcased in fine art galleries internationally but has also graced the pages of high-profile publications and been enlisted by renowned brands. Clients like Playboy, Glamour Magazine, Neiman Marcus, and May Company have all trusted Cuerdon's exceptional skills to deliver compelling visual narratives. However, Cuerdon’s contributions extend beyond his photographic achievements. He is an enthusiastic digital evangelist, committed to sharing his extensive knowledge of digital photography and Photoshop on global platforms. He takes great joy in demystifying the complexities of digital photography and retouching, helping others master these tools through live and online training. Cuerdon's infectious enthusiasm and profound knowledge make him a sought-after teacher, enabling students worldwide to learn from his expertise. Cuerdon’s passion for education led him to create the best-selling Photoshop training course, David Cuerdon’s Beauty and Portrait Retouching Kit, produced by KelbyOne. This comprehensive kit has become a valuable resource for many, providing practical and in-depth guidance on Photoshop’s vast capabilities in enhancing beauty and portrait photography. In 2010, Cuerdon's exemplary skills and profound impact on the photography community earned him a coveted spot on the Photoshop World Instructor Dream Team. This recognition attests to his invaluable contribution to the industry, not only as a remarkable photographer and digital artist but also as a dedicated mentor and educator. Yet, Cuerdon’s persona extends beyond his professional accomplishments. Known for his quirky sense of humor, he describes himself as a "Photographer, Digital Artist, Retoucher, Teacher, Photoshop Guru, Pixel Junky, Animal Lover, Geeky Nerd, Husband, Father, Brain Surgeon, Ninja." The last two titles, he humorously admits, are not technically accurate, but they add a layer of levity to his otherwise serious pursuit of excellence in photography. David Cuerdon's illustrious career is a testament to his dedication to his craft, his relentless pursuit of innovation, and his commitment to sharing his knowledge with others. His rare blend of artistic creativity, technical prowess, and educational advocacy continue to inspire and shape the landscape of digital photography. His willingness to share his expertise so generously with the world amplifies his impact, ensuring that his influence extends beyond his own work to inspire the next generation of digital artists.


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