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About This Course

Welcome to the Mac Photos Editing Course, a comprehensive program designed to enhance your photo editing skills on your Mac device. With a variety of sessions and a total of approximately 25 video lessons, this course covers everything you need to know about importing, viewing, organizing, editing, and sharing your photos using the Mac Photos app.

The course starts with essential topics such as importing photos from your computer, camera, iPhone, and online sources. You'll also receive tips to improve your course-taking experience, including using iCloud and My Photo Stream for seamless importing.

Next, dive into sessions on viewing and organizing your photos. Learn how to navigate and categorize your photos based on people, places, and more. Discover how to create albums, smart albums, and albums by photo type. Explore techniques for finding your photos easily using keywords and favoriting options.

The editing and adjusting section provides a comprehensive guide to enhance your photos. From basic editing and auto-enhancing to applying filters, cropping, adjusting exposure, and fine-tuning colors, you'll gain valuable skills to bring out the best in your images. Learn how to retouch photos, adjust white balance, work with levels and curves, reduce noise, and sharpen your photos effectively.

In the export and share section, explore ways to save your photos as files, including live photos as GIFs or still images. Discover how to share your photos online, create slideshows, print photos, order prints directly from your Mac, and create calendars, books, and cards.

The course also provides full photo editing sessions, where you can witness step-by-step demonstrations of editing portraits, group photos, creative landscapes, night photos, and even cat portraits. These sessions offer practical insights and techniques to refine your editing skills.

The course includes advanced tips and tricks, such as finding photos in Finder, changing where photos are stored, sending photos to other apps for editing, viewing keyboard shortcuts, and working with videos in Mac Photos.

As a bonus, learn how to use the iPhone Photos app effectively, covering topics like viewing, organizing, sharing, and editing photos directly on your phone.

In conclusion, this Course equips you with the knowledge and skills to unlock the full potential of the Mac Photos app for editing and managing your photos. Take your photography journey further with additional resources and explore the world of photography with Phil & Video School.

Acquired Knowledge

Become completely comfortable using Mac Photos
Import and organize photos so you can easily find them
Edit and adjust your photos to make them look amazing


You will need Mac photos to follow along, which is installed for free on any Mac computer
,You do not need photos
We provide practice photos so that you can follow along


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