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About This Course

The course, "Lightroom CC Mobile Basics" offers comprehensive guidance on using Adobe Lightroom CC, a popular photo editing application for mobile devices. The course is organized into five main parts, each section offering engaging video tutorials tailored to cater to both beginners and advanced users.

The first section provides an overview of the Lightroom Mobile app, discussing its features and benefits, comparing the free versus premium versions, teaching you how to import photos, get organized, and introducing the various editing tools.

The "Photo Editing Challenges" section focuses on practical exercises that deal with real-world scenarios, such as fixing underexposed or overexposed photos, removing haze, enhancing sunset colors, and more. Each tutorial is designed to challenge your skills and provide hands-on experience with the app.

Next, "Develop Your Editing Style" introduces a step-by-step guide to help students find and refine their unique photo editing styles. This section explores different techniques and tools within the app to experiment with and express your creativity.

The fourth section, "Lightroom CC Mobile Deep Dive," offers an in-depth look into the more advanced features of the app, including auto edits, curve adjustments, white balance, color grading, retouching with the Heal Tool, and advanced editing with masks. Each topic provides a detailed explanation and hands-on demonstrations to ensure you understand the functionalities completely.

"Using & Creating Lightroom Presets" covers the power and usage of presets in Lightroom Mobile, an incredible time-saving tool. Here, students learn how to use and install presets, and even create their own. The course also offers a variety of free preset packs for different styles such as Flat Matte, Street Grunge, Bold Contrast, and more.

Lastly, the "Pro Editing Tips" section provides important advice on common editing mistakes, the benefits of editing RAW vs JPG, and tips on where to start your editing. This valuable information can make the editing process smoother and more efficient.

Overall, the course offers a blend of fundamental knowledge and advanced techniques, with plenty of hands-on experience. Whether you're a professional photographer looking to transition to mobile editing, or a hobbyist aiming to enhance your editing skills, this course is a valuable resource.

Acquired Knowledge

How to edit like a pro using Adobe Lightroom CC Mobile for smartphones + tablets
How to move photos from your {DSLR} camera to your iPhone or similar device
Tips on finding your own unique and creative editing style


A smartphone that can run apps; iPhone, Android, iPad, etc


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