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About This Course

"Taking Control of Your Creative Vision" is an engaging course designed to empower photoshop users and individuals seeking to broaden their skills in the realm of creative directing, styling, and photography. Led by the renowned creative expert Irene, the course offers a structured approach to understanding and implementing creative vision in various scenarios.

Irene emphasizes the importance of staying abreast with current trends. The session is dedicated to learning how to maintain an updated understanding of various styling trends, thereby making your work relevant and appealing in a rapidly evolving fashion and style landscape. Delves into the art of modification, where Irene shares her expert tips on how to manipulate clothing in intriguing ways. This DIY approach encourages learners to use their imagination and creativity to give a personalized touch to their outfits, thereby adding an element of uniqueness.

Additionally, Irene underscores the importance of first impressions when meeting with your team. This segment focuses on building effective communication and presentation skills to ensure that you leave a positive, lasting impression that fosters confidence and harmony within your team.

The course offers valuable insight into the world of posing. Irene provides practical tips on how to guide someone who isn’t a professional model into striking the right poses. As the model becomes more comfortable, the course transitions into advanced posing techniques to create more dynamic and compelling shots.

Furthermore, Irene discusses how to work with models to ensure that they understand the required movement after each shutter click, creating a sense of continuity and movement within the photoshoot.

The course expands into working with multiple models. Here, Irene explores the creative possibilities and challenges that arise when shooting with more than one subject. This session prepares learners for the complexities and opportunities that arise in multi-subject shoots.

The course, as a whole, offers a holistic approach to mastering creative direction in styling and photography. It provides learners with a comprehensive understanding of the industry and equips them with the practical skills they need to succeed.

Acquired Knowledge

Photoshop Essentials & Where to start.
Customize the Photoshop Interface & Workspace.
Setup New Documents With basic settings.
Understand Layers & Blend Modes.
Understand photoshop Masks & How They Work.
Setup Adjustment Layers & How They Work.
Photoshop Tools & What You Really Need.
Use Photoshop Menus & Filters to Archive effects.


You only need a photoshop "Any Version" Best to Have CS6, CC2018, CC2019,Absolutely no experience is required
We start with the Basics!


Manfred Werner
I'm an instructor that teaches Photoshop for beginners, but if you are more experienced, then take advantage of my free Photoshop courses. I’ve been teaching Photoshop & Retouching on Udemy since 2012. In my personal capacity, I’m an owner of a Digital Media Agency where the core focus lays in Content Creation. I’ve been an active photographer and retoucher since 2010 and have worked on many advertising campaigns in Cape Town “South Africa” for clients like Mercedes, Zara, H&M, etc, When I'm not working on campaigns, I'm producing online training courses & I have realized that it has become my passion to teach online, this may vary between Photoshop, Photography, Design or Business Content.


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