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Are you tired of the same flat and dull results from using bounce flash? Are you looking to take your photography to the next level and create amazing lighting effects in any situation? Look no further than "What the Flash?" with Bob Davis.

In this comprehensive online course, Bob Davis will guide you through the world of off-camera speedlites and show you how to achieve stunning results in a variety of photography genres. Whether you're shooting portraits, corporate headshots, engagement photos, fashion and glamour shots, or capturing the magic of a wedding, Bob will teach you the techniques and tricks to elevate your lighting game.

The course is divided into several modules, each focusing on different aspects of off-camera flash photography. In the Introduction and Equipment module, Bob will introduce you to the necessary equipment and give you an overview of what to expect from the course.

The Camera and Lighting Primer module will provide you with a solid foundation in understanding the relationship between your camera settings and off-camera flash. You'll learn how to control exposure, balance ambient light with flash, and achieve creative effects using different lighting techniques.

Bob's expertise shines through in the Live Demo modules, where he takes you on a journey of practical application. In Live Demo I, you'll discover how to create stunning lighting effects using DIY "dirty" lighting techniques. Live Demo II focuses on achieving great results with just one speedlite, showcasing the versatility and power of off-camera flash.

Live Demo III dives into compromised situations, teaching you how to overcome challenging lighting conditions and still produce outstanding images. In Live Demo IV, Bob shows you how to bring a space to life using creative lighting techniques that transform ordinary environments into captivating scenes.

Weddings are a special event that requires skilled lighting to capture the emotions and moments that unfold throughout the day. In Live Demo V, Bob takes you behind the scenes of a wedding shoot, demonstrating how to use off-camera flash throughout the entire event, from preparation to the ceremony and reception.

Finally, in Live Demo VI, you'll witness the magic of shooting an entire wedding using off-camera speedlites. Bob shares his insights and techniques for creating beautiful and dynamic lighting setups that elevate your wedding photography to new heights.

At the conclusion of the course, Bob wraps up with a final module that includes his insights and final thoughts on off-camera flash photography. You'll gain a deeper understanding of the possibilities and potential of off-camera speedlites, and how to apply these techniques to your own photography.

With "What the Flash?" and Bob Davis as your guide, you'll unlock the secrets of off-camera flash and take your photography to the next level. Say goodbye to flat and dull images and embrace the world of creative lighting. Enroll now and start creating stunning and impactful photographs with off-camera speedlites!


Bob Davis
Bob Davis is an internationally recognized photographer whose work is renowned for its distinct creativity and excellence. As one of the Canon Explorers of Light, a prestigious group comprising some of the world's most influential photographers and cinematographers, Bob's contribution to the world of photography is truly profound. This recognition by Canon was bestowed upon him in May of 2006, recognizing his remarkable talent and dedication to the art and craft of photography. Through this program, Bob has been given the privilege of teaching other photographers, helping them to reach their potential by sharing his wealth of knowledge, experience, and his unique artistic perspective. His commitment to educating other photographers is an extension of his passion for photography, as he believes in not only creating beautiful images but also in empowering others to do the same. This commitment aligns perfectly with Canon's philosophy of "kyosei" – living and working together for the common good. This belief that cooperation and collaboration lead to collective growth and progress is one that Bob embodies in both his professional and personal life. Bob's work, which spans various styles and genres, is a testament to his versatility as a photographer and his relentless pursuit of creative excellence. Whether he's capturing intimate moments in portraiture or expansive vistas in landscape photography, Bob's images are consistently compelling and beautifully composed. His deep understanding of light and its transformative power plays a crucial role in creating his captivating images. Being part of Canon Explorers of Light not only acknowledges Bob's immense talent and contribution to photography, but also represents his commitment to sharing his knowledge and skills with the broader photography community. Bob Davis is not just a photographer, but also a mentor and teacher, dedicated to elevating the art of photography and inspiring others to reach their creative potential.


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