— Sam Haddix




About This Course

Learn how to get more creative and make photos you love! Join Sam Haddix as he takes you through a pragmatic approach to expanding your creativity. No matter where you are on your photographic journey you can always benefit from techniques that can help ignite new passion for your work. Sam’s approach incorporates the power of analog technologies and your own powers of analysis, so grab a pen, some paper, and a willingness to exercise a creative muscle you didn’t know you had


Sam Haddix
Sam is a portrait photographer based out of Boston Massachusetts. In addition to photographing people, Sam is known for his dog-wrangling and lighting skills as one half of Dog Breath Photography—a popular dog photography duo featured on the Nat Geo Wild television show “Pupparazzi”. A graduate of Berklee College of Music, Sam is a talented musician, a passionate teacher, and lover of pro wrestling.


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