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Charly Savely is a trailblazer in the wildlife photography industry, revolutionizing the way animals are captured and portrayed. With her unique and artful approach, she creates a deep connection between the animal subjects and the viewers of her photographs. Her distinctive style has garnered international recognition and has led to collaborations with renowned clients such as FOUR PAWS International, REI, Burts Bees, Marmot, and a position on the esteemed SONY Alpha Collective team.

In her comprehensive course, you will gain invaluable insights and skills to elevate your own wildlife photography. Charly will guide you through key shooting techniques, including selecting the appropriate lenses, framing techniques for maximum impact, and understanding the nuances of shooting handheld versus using a tripod. You will also explore how art influences composition and style, enabling you to infuse your photographs with a unique artistic vision.

Finding wildlife subjects and ensuring their safety is paramount in wildlife photography, and Charly will share her expertise in this area. She will provide practical tips on locating wildlife and implementing ethical and responsible approaches to capture their natural behavior.

Shooting in cold conditions presents its own set of challenges, and Charly will help you navigate them. From selecting the best gear to protect yourself and your equipment from the elements to optimizing your shooting settings, you will learn how to capture stunning wildlife images in even the harshest winter environments.

Post-processing plays a crucial role in conveying emotion and enhancing the impact of wildlife photographs. Charly will share her editing techniques, allowing you to evoke powerful emotions and create captivating visual narratives in your images.

By the end of this course, you will have gained the skills and knowledge necessary to elevate your wildlife photography to new heights. Charly's expertise, combined with her passion for wildlife and art, will inspire you to create truly impactful and emotionally engaging wildlife photographs. Join the course and embark on a transformative journey that will unlock your artistic potential and enable you to connect with wildlife through your lens.

Acquired Knowledge

What You'll Learn
Key Shooting Techniques: Lens Choice, Framing for Impact, Handheld vs. Tripod Settings
How Art Influences Composition And Style
Where to Find Wildlife and Safety Approaches
Gear Recs for Shooting in Cold Conditions
Strategic Choices in Editing for Emotion


Charly Savely
Charly Savely is a name synonymous with wildlife and outdoor travel photography, a remarkable talent whose camera lens uncovers the breathtaking beauty of our planet and sheds light on the critical issues of environmental conservation. This gifted photographer, videographer, and conservationist has been capturing compelling snapshots of the Earth's wonders and challenges for over a decade. As a distinguished member of the Sony Alpha Collective, her remarkable work captivates a global audience, inspiring and challenging viewers to see the world through her unique perspective. Born and raised in Bristol, England, Charly now calls the picturesque city of Anchorage, Alaska, her home. The dramatic landscapes and the majestic wildlife of Alaska have become her muses, heavily influencing her work and feeding her artistic inspiration. Although she now resides in the U.S, Charly's heart remains firmly connected to her roots and her work often reflects a beautiful melding of influences from both sides of the Atlantic. The path that led Charly to photography wasn't a straight line. She spent most of her life traveling, camera in hand, exploring new places and seeking out unique perspectives to capture. Her commitment to honing her skills led her to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Photography, Graphic Design, and Scientific Illustration at the University of California, Santa Cruz. This diverse educational background added layers to her understanding and approach to photography, allowing her to blend artistic aesthetics with a scientific eye for detail. In the world of social media, Charly has successfully amassed a following of over 400,000, a testament to her talent and the resonance of her work. Her distinctive style and thought-provoking subject matter have earned her clients from across the globe, turning her into a sought-after name in the photography industry. Today, Charly dedicates her focus to capturing the haunting beauty and the alarming reality of the disappearing Arctic. Her work spotlights the pressing need for the conservation of this unique region and its incredible wildlife. She masterfully captures the dichotomy of the Arctic's breathtaking beauty and the harsh realities faced by its wildlife due to climate change. Her passion for the Arctic and its conservation is palpable in every frame, drawing viewers into a world that many would never get the chance to experience otherwise. Alongside these vibrant wildlife and conservation narratives, Charly is also drawn to minimalist moments. She finds beauty in simplicity and is adept at capturing powerful images that speak volumes with their understated elegance. These minimalist moments serve as a reminder of the beauty in simplicity, a testament to Charly's ability to find and capture the extraordinary in the ordinary. Charly Savely is more than just a photographer. She's a storyteller, an artist, a conservationist, and an explorer. Her work transcends the boundaries of photography, merging art with awareness, beauty with urgency, and vision with mission. Each image she creates serves as a testament to her passion for the planet and its creatures, inviting viewers not only to appreciate its beauty but also to join in the crucial task of its preservation. Through her lens, we are all invited to journey with her, to see the world as she sees it – in all its beauty, diversity, and fragility – and to join her in her quest to conserve it for generations to come.


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