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About This Course

In this online photography class I’ll show you everything you need to know to take breathtaking and professional looking photos with nothing more than your iPhone or other smart phones. We’ll start out by adjusting our camera settings to optimize our iPhone to take the best posabul photos.

Acquired Knowledge

What you'll learn
Optimize iPhone camera settings for best quality
Navigate iPhone camera app and properly use
Understand the elements of composition and how to use them to create any photo
Find interesting perspectives in their enviorment
Create interesting depth in their photos
Isolate a distinguishable subject in a shot
Find leading lines in environments to help draw eyes to the subject
Take well balanced shots with no dead space
Use light to portray any emotion or feeling in a photo
Tell a story in a photo
Take long exposure photos with the life photo feature
Take a long exposures photo of a waterfall
Take detailed macro photos
Properly us the portrait mode to capture photos with blurry backgrounds


Quinton Batchelor
Hi, my names Quinton! I live in Utah and love photography and the outdoors. I'm an online photography teacher and also make other tutorial here on YouTube along with vlogs or anything else that pops in my head. Here to have fun and help you take better photos!


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