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About This Course

Delving into the intriguing world of aerial videography, this course provides a holistic learning experience that takes you from the basics of drone operations to the intricate art of video editing. The journey begins with an overview of the course content, establishing a roadmap for the extensive knowledge that's to come.

A major emphasis early in the course is on the aspect of responsible drone flying. It teaches the importance of understanding and respecting regulations, privacy norms, and safety measures to ensure that your drone operations are both lawful and ethical.

As the course proceeds, it dives into specifics of optimizing video settings on popular drone cameras such as the GoPro HERO3 and DJI Vision+. The lessons illustrate how to leverage the features of these cameras to capture high-quality, dynamic footage that truly encapsulates the bird's eye perspective offered by drones.

Next, the course delves into the realm of cinematic effects and their application in drone videography. It sheds light on various techniques of moving the camera to create dramatic and compelling visuals, transforming ordinary drone footage into a cinematic spectacle.

Once you have mastered the art of capturing the perfect footage, the course steers into the crucial phase of video editing. Starting with Photoshop, a tool usually associated with still images, the course reveals how it can also be an effective tool for refining and enhancing drone videos. Following this, the course introduces Adobe Premiere Pro, a professional-grade video editing software. Starting from the basics, it gradually navigates towards more advanced editing techniques, allowing you to polish your drone footage into a finished masterpiece.

Recognizing the fast-paced advancements in drone technology, the course ensures your knowledge remains relevant by providing updates on the video settings of the GoPro HERO3+ and DJI Vision+. This approach keeps you abreast with the latest developments, ensuring you can make the most out of your drone videography experience.

In essence, this course offers a comprehensive journey into drone videography. By interweaving expert guidance on drone flying, camera settings, cinematic techniques, and video editing into a single narrative, it equips you with the skills to capture breathtaking aerial footage that truly stands out.

Acquired Knowledge

Over 41 of those lectures have breathtaking flight footage to illustrate the points
6 tools for you to take away to help you with your planning, flying, filming and editing
Raw footage for you to practice the edit techniques with yourself
Understand some of the typical legal and safety considerations when planning your production
Choose the right aerial hardware and editing software for successful videos and photos
Identify the key flying skills, shot options, flight patterns and gimbal skills needed to produce amazing aerial productions
Successfully plan your flying trips to maximise your chance of getting beautiful shots
Set up your GoPro with its optimum settings for successful editing across a range of circumstances
Make creative ground based footage to enrich your aerial productions
Complete pre-flight checks before you start flying and filming both at the flying site and before
Learn 25 design principles to follow when creating your production
Complete the 8 editing steps, common to most editing software, in order to make stunning aerial productions


If you would like to try the editing techniques that are demonstrated using the provided raw footage then get access to some video editing software such as FCPX or Adobe Premiere,The course highlights some typical areas of legal regulation for flying and filming with a drone though it is not the primary focus of the course
It is expected that the students will, through their own research, become thoroughly familiar with the regulations in their own country - they will need to do this anyway in an ongoing basis as the laws are changing regularly
Though safety points are discussed throughout the course it is also not the primary focus
It is expected that students will do additional research (or come already with the knowledge) in order to fly and film safely


Chris Parker
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