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About This Course

Unlock amazing smartphone camera features with our No.1 smartphone photography course online. By the end of the course you’ll be super confident with advanced composition using new photography & editing skills that will make your photos stand out from crowd. Use your smart phone to open up your full creative potential.

Acquired Knowledge

How a smartphone camera works – the basics
How to compose a great photo
Smartphone camera settings
Move off auto
Using zoom
Using flash
Contrast and tones
Depth of field
Composition techniques
Shutter speed
Black & white photography
Building camera confidence


Creative individuals,Those that are new to smartphone photography or looking to build on existing knowledge,A great starting block to progress to a DSLR photography and qualifications,Those looking to develop a hobby or build a portfolio,Raising the level of family/holiday photography,Those who want to move well beyond the selfie!,For those wanting to build out a photography portfolio quickly and easily


Sharps Shots
The Sharp Shots team provides children and teens with a creative and fun retreat to explore photography. Our children’s photography courses and after school photography clubs run throughout the year in Surrey and the South East. Each week the children’s photography courses have new, entertaining material for children to photograph. Every child is given a digital camera and inspired to go out and photograph the world in a new light.


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