Product photography techniques 

— Akira Shimizu




About This Course

The course you're about to embark on is a thorough exploration of photography and lighting techniques, perfect for anyone interested in improving their product photography skills. The course content is primarily in Japanese and spans across two sections of approximately 36 and 33 minutes respectively. Here's a brief summary of each session:

Session 1:
In the first half of this course, you'll learn the basics of product photography using a smartphone. The course will also discuss the merits of using a DSLR camera. You'll gain knowledge about camera settings and focusing. Furthermore, it provides guidance on how to easily edit photos on your smartphone.

Session 2:
The second part of the course dives deeper into the world of photography. It thoroughly explains camera lenses and their settings. It provides crucial tips for choosing the right lens, understanding the direction of light, and the differences in the outcome based on it. The course provides solutions for common photography issues such as the background getting cut off when photographing tall objects. You'll also learn about controlling light as a photographer.

Session 3:
This part of the course recommends using a strobe for photography. It provides guidance on how to shoot in places without natural light such as windowless rooms or during the night. You will also learn about the settings of a strobe and camera, and tips to avoid common mistakes. Additionally, it teaches you how to take natural-looking photos, and how to prevent a white product from blending into a white background. It ends with a discussion on whether the lighting techniques introduced in this course can be achieved using a softbox.

The course can be started with just a smartphone camera. It is recommended that you prepare an A3 white paper and a milky white 45L trash bag (you can gather these after watching the video). If you want to improve the finish on your smartphone, you'll need to install an application. If you're using a DSLR camera, a standard zoom lens is sufficient. For those who wish to do their own lighting, it is recommended to watch the video and gather the necessary tools. The course uses a strobe that can be obtained at a very low cost to ensure that equipment cost doesn't become a barrier for learners.

In essence, this course is a comprehensive guide to product photography, where you can learn from basic to advanced techniques using either your smartphone or a DSLR camera. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced photographer looking to refine your skills, this course has a lot to offer.


Akira Shimizu
Akira Shimizu is a distinguished Japanese photographer known for his dynamic and evocative imagery. Born and raised in Japan, Shimizu has always possessed an innate fascination with the play of light and shadow, color and monochrome, depth and simplicity. This fascination led him to a career in photography, where he has left a distinctive mark with his unique visual style. Shimizu’s work demonstrates a keen eye for detail and an ability to evoke emotions through his images. His portfolio is a rich tapestry of diverse subjects - capturing the subtle nuances of life in urban landscapes, the tranquil serenity of nature, as well as compelling portraits that reveal the innermost layers of his subjects. His expertise extends across various forms of photography, including street, landscape, and portraiture. Despite the variety of his work, Shimizu’s photography is unified by a signature style that blends artistry and precision. His images often tell compelling stories, reflecting his ability to see beyond the surface and capture the essence of his subjects. This talent for storytelling through images sets him apart in the world of photography. Shimizu’s impact extends beyond his own photography, as he is equally recognized as a mentor and educator. He has conducted workshops and masterclasses, inspiring budding photographers and sharing his vast knowledge and unique perspective on the art of photography. His students often praise his approachable teaching style and the insights he offers into the creative and technical aspects of photography. With a career spanning several decades, Shimizu’s contributions to photography have been significant. His works have been exhibited in galleries and museums, both in Japan and internationally, attesting to his influence and standing in the world of photography. In essence, Akira Shimizu embodies the spirit of photography - the ability to see the extraordinary in the ordinary, to capture moments that tell a story, and to evoke emotions that resonate with the viewer. His works continue to inspire, educate, and challenge our perception of the world around us.


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