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About This Course

Online Photography course - Using simple lighting gear to get much better portraits... from mild to wild.

Acquired Knowledge

Beginning photographers will be able to increase the quality of their portraiture greatly with each class
Intermediate photographers who are not familiar with fill flash, or adding small strobes to location portraiture will find the confidence they need
Use small strobes and speedlights to do studio type work no matter where you are working
Blend ambient light with strobes in nearly any light - and be confident that the results are exactly what you want
Natural light enthusiasts will find it easy to see how strobe can be used to enhance an otherwise natural light shot
Beginning Beauty and Fashion photographers will find ways to add to their headshot arsenal
Fully understand the many different ways to make portraits with natural light, enhanced natural light, and strobes


Don Glannatti
Don Giannatti is a man of many talents, who has spent five decades immersed in the world of photography. As a photographer, author, mentor, and teacher, his contributions to the industry are both wide and deep, reflecting his unique vision and unyielding passion for his craft. A master of his field, Giannatti’s work has spanned across a diverse range of genres, from commercial to editorial, portraiture to still life. His talent for capturing the essence of a subject, whether it be a person or a product, is nothing short of remarkable. His remarkable eye for detail, compelling composition, and meticulous lighting techniques breathe life into his subjects, resulting in imagery that is as engaging as it is beautiful. A significant part of Giannatti’s work involves commercial photography. He has lent his expertise to countless businesses, delivering high-quality images for advertising, marketing, and branding purposes. His clients have ranged from small, local businesses to large corporations, each benefiting from his exceptional ability to create visual content that tells a compelling story, enhances brand image, and captures consumer attention. Equally noteworthy is Giannatti’s work in portraiture. His approach to capturing individuals goes beyond merely creating a likeness. He digs deeper, capturing the unique essence of each person he photographs. Through his lens, Giannatti brings to light the nuances of his subjects, revealing their personality, emotions, and individuality. This dedication to capturing the true essence of his subjects has earned him a reputation as an empathetic and insightful portrait photographer. Beyond his extensive portfolio, Giannatti’s commitment to the field of photography shines through in his role as an educator and mentor. With a firm belief in the value of sharing knowledge, he has dedicated a significant portion of his career to teaching aspiring photographers. Through workshops, online courses, and one-on-one coaching, he imparts practical knowledge, valuable insights, and industry secrets gleaned from his extensive experience. His goal is to equip students with the skills, techniques, and confidence needed to navigate the photography world. One of Giannatti’s most influential contributions to the education of photographers is his writing. He has authored multiple books aimed at guiding photographers at various stages of their careers. From covering the fundamentals of photography to exploring the complexities of lighting and composition, his books serve as comprehensive guides for anyone seeking to refine their photography skills. Despite the ever-evolving landscape of photography, Giannatti's core philosophy remains steadfast: simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. He believes that one does not need the most expensive equipment or a high-tech studio to create great photos. Instead, he emphasizes the importance of understanding and mastering the basics of light, composition, and connection with the subject. A testament to his remarkable career and commitment to the industry is Giannatti’s website, Lighting Essentials, a hub for photographers seeking inspiration and knowledge. It hosts an array of resources, including articles, courses, and tutorials, all designed to enlighten, inspire, and educate. Giannatti’s enduring passion for photography, coupled with his unwavering dedication to sharing his wisdom, has left an indelible mark on the industry. He is more than just a photographer – he is a guide, a mentor, and an inspiration to many. His life's work reflects not only his personal commitment to the art of photography but also his desire to nurture and develop the talent of others. In Don Giannatti, we see a beautiful amalgamation of talent, wisdom, and generosity, a true luminary in the world of photography.


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