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In the digital age, where most of our photographs are viewed on screens, there is still something magical about holding a physical print in your hands. Whether you're a professional photographer or an enthusiast looking to create high-quality prints, understanding the intricacies of preparing images for printing is essential. In this comprehensive workshop, renowned expert Taz Tally guides you through the process of using Photoshop to optimize your images for print, ensuring that your prints truly come to life.

Taz starts by providing a solid foundation in color management, explaining the importance of color profiles and how they impact the accuracy and consistency of your prints. You'll learn how to calibrate your monitor, set up Photoshop preferences, and work with color profiles to ensure that what you see on your screen is faithfully represented in your prints.

Next, Taz takes you through the crucial steps of preparing your images for print. You'll discover how to assess image resolution, size your images correctly, and choose the appropriate color space for printing. Taz walks you through the process of sharpening your images effectively to ensure optimal print quality, and he shares techniques for reducing noise and enhancing image details to achieve stunning results.

In the workshop, Taz also covers advanced techniques for optimizing images specifically for different printing processes, such as inkjet, commercial offset, and online print services. You'll learn how to adjust your images for specific paper types, handle color conversions, and work with ink limit settings to ensure accurate color reproduction. Taz also shares valuable tips for dealing with common printing challenges, such as banding, color shifts, and ink density issues.

Furthermore, Taz dives into the world of black and white printing, exploring various methods for creating breathtaking monochrome prints. You'll discover how to convert your images to black and white using different techniques, including channel mixing, duotones, and the powerful black and white adjustment layer. Taz demonstrates how to control tonal range, add depth, and achieve rich black and white prints with stunning detail.

Throughout the workshop, Taz's expertise and passion for printing shine through as he shares his wealth of knowledge and practical advice. His clear and concise teaching style makes complex concepts easy to understand and apply. Taz's years of experience as a photographer and print expert provide invaluable insights into the best practices for achieving exceptional print results.

Whether you're printing your own photographs or working with a professional print lab, mastering the art of preparing images for print is essential for bringing your vision to life. By enrolling in this workshop with Taz Tally, you'll gain the skills, knowledge, and confidence to optimize your images for printing, ensuring that your prints showcase your artistic vision with stunning clarity and vibrancy.

Don't miss the opportunity to learn from one of the industry's leading experts in print optimization. Join Taz Tally in this workshop on Photoshop for Printing and unlock the full potential of your images in the world of print.

Acquired Knowledge

Setting up Photoshop for printing
Image previews and accessing your images in Bridge
Working with and setting type for output
There are many options when it comes to choosing image formats


Taz Tally
Taz Tally, based in Alaska, is a renowned photographer known for his striking grayscale images that beautifully capture the unique landscapes and wildlife of the region. Although Taz Tally's work extends beyond photography, his powerful images have garnered him considerable attention and respect in the field. Tally's primary medium is black-and-white photography. He showcases the rich textures, patterns, and stark contrasts of the Alaskan wilderness, capturing the raw and untamed beauty of this vast frontier. Tally's photos range from sweeping landscapes filled with towering mountains and expansive tundras to intimate portraits of the area's diverse wildlife. His grayscale approach enhances the dramatic atmosphere and the timeless feel of his subjects, creating an immersive and engaging visual experience for viewers. Beyond his work as a photographer, Tally is also a recognized expert in digital imaging and prepress techniques. His proficiency with digital technologies complements his traditional photographic skills, enabling him to create highly detailed and meticulously processed images. He has authored numerous books and instructional materials on these topics, sharing his knowledge and passion with others interested in the field. Tally also shares his expertise and experiences by leading photography tours and workshops in Alaska. These sessions provide participants with the unique opportunity to learn from a master of the craft in one of the most visually stunning environments on the planet. In all his work, Tally's love for Alaska – its landscapes, wildlife, and the way of life it offers – shines through. His photos don't just record the region's natural beauty; they tell stories, evoke emotions, and inspire a sense of awe and respect for the wildness and grandeur of Alaska. In the world of photography, Taz Tally has carved out a niche that is uniquely his own. His skillful use of grayscale aesthetics, combined with his profound understanding of digital imaging, ensures that his art stands out and continues to captivate audiences.


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