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About This Course

Are you a beginner in the field of photography? Have you recently purchased a camera and are eager to move beyond the confines of automatic mode? If so, I have the perfect solution for you!

I am pleased to offer personalized and comprehensive photography courses that will help you unlock the full potential of your equipment. Whether you're located near Rennes or willing to travel to Orgères in France, I invite you to embark on an exciting journey of learning and creativity.

Photography is not just about capturing moments; it's an art form that requires a deep understanding of various techniques, concepts, and equipment. With my tailored courses, you will receive individualized attention and guidance, ensuring that you grasp the fundamentals while addressing your unique learning needs.

Throughout the course, you will delve into a range of engaging topics designed to broaden your knowledge and hone your skills. Each session will provide ample opportunity for you to ask questions, seek clarification, and engage in hands-on practice. To support your learning experience, you will receive meticulously prepared course materials in printed format, allowing you to refer back to the content at your convenience.

Let's take a closer look at the key areas we will cover during the photography courses:

Camera Basics: In this module, we will familiarize ourselves with the essential components of your camera and navigate its settings with confidence. By understanding aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and other crucial features, you will gain full control over your camera's capabilities.
Composition Techniques: A well-composed photograph can captivate the viewer and convey a powerful message. We will explore the principles of composition, including the rule of thirds, leading lines, symmetry, and negative space. By mastering these techniques, you will elevate the impact of your images and develop a discerning eye for aesthetics.
Lighting Control: Light is the lifeblood of photography, and comprehending its behavior is essential for creating striking images. We will delve into the intricacies of natural and artificial lighting, learning how to manipulate and shape light to produce desired effects. By experimenting with different lighting setups, you will discover how light can transform ordinary scenes into extraordinary works of art.
Subject Selection: Photography encompasses a vast array of genres, and we will explore some of the most popular ones, including landscape, portrait, still life, and street photography. You will learn how to choose compelling subjects, compose them effectively within the frame, and capture their essence in a way that evokes emotions and tells a story.
Post-Processing: While capturing a great photograph is crucial, the digital darkroom offers endless possibilities for enhancing and refining your images. We will explore popular post-processing techniques using industry-standard software such as Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop. From basic adjustments to advanced editing, you will learn how to bring out the best in your photographs while maintaining their authenticity.
Personal Guidance: As your dedicated instructor, I am committed to your growth and progress. You will benefit from personalized guidance, feedback, and constructive critique to nurture your talents and improve your skills. Together, we will explore your photographic aspirations, identify areas for improvement, and develop strategies to achieve your goals.
Whether you aspire to pursue photography professionally or simply wish to elevate your skills as a passionate hobbyist, these courses will provide you with a solid foundation to embark on your photographic journey. Each session will be tailored to your pace and individual requirements, ensuring an optimal learning experience.

In addition to the individual courses, I also offer the option to gift a photography course to a loved one. It's a thoughtful and unique present that will ignite their passion for photography and provide them with invaluable knowledge.

Remember, photography is more than just a click of a button—it's about capturing moments, expressing emotions, and leaving a lasting impression. Allow me to guide you through the intricacies of this art form and unleash your creative potential. Join me on this exciting adventure, and let's create photographs that will stand the test of time.

Acquired Knowledge

es concepts fondamentaux pour passer aux modes semi-automatiques
mise au point, balance des blancs, formats des photos, etc.


L'équipement à avoir : boitiers, objectifs, accessoires


Céline Dufourd
Céline Dufourd is a notable photographer whose exceptional body of work resonates with individuals worldwide. Céline's journey into photography started with a keen interest in visual arts, which she transformed into a passionate career. Her dedication and talent have shaped her path, allowing her to develop a distinctive style that sets her apart in the photography industry. Born and raised in the culturally rich and diverse environment of France, Céline was drawn to the world of art from an early age. She was captivated by the power of visual storytelling, which ultimately led her to explore the realm of photography. She pursued her passion and, after years of diligence and hard work, graduated with a degree in photography. Following her graduation in the mid-2000s, Céline embarked on her professional journey as a freelance photographer. This decision marked a significant milestone in her career, providing her with the flexibility to explore various genres of photography while maintaining her individualistic style. Céline's body of work is vast and varied. From portraiture to landscapes, to street and documentary photography, she has developed an impressive portfolio that showcases her exceptional ability to capture the essence of her subjects. Her images tell stories, evoke emotions, and provoke thought, displaying a unique combination of technical proficiency and artistic vision. Her portraiture, for instance, is known for its deeply empathetic approach. Céline has an innate ability to connect with her subjects on a personal level, enabling her to capture their essence in a way that is both honest and profound. This approach has earned her considerable recognition and appreciation from clients and peers alike. Céline's landscape photography, on the other hand, displays a remarkable understanding of natural light and composition. She has the ability to transform everyday scenes into breathtaking visuals that leave viewers in awe. Her landscapes are not merely images; they are visual narratives that invite the viewer to delve into the beauty and complexity of the natural world. In the realm of street and documentary photography, Céline shines with her candid captures of life's fleeting moments. Her photographs are a window to the world, revealing the beauty, chaos, and intricacies of daily life. Her work in this genre serves as a testament to her observational skills and her ability to capture decisive moments with finesse. Over the years, Céline Dufourd has been recognized by several organizations for her outstanding contributions to the field of photography. Her photographs have been exhibited in several prestigious galleries and have earned her awards and accolades, solidifying her reputation as a leading figure in contemporary photography. Beyond her work as a photographer, Céline is also committed to education and mentoring. She conducts photography workshops and masterclasses, sharing her knowledge, experience, and passion with budding photographers. Her dedication to fostering the next generation of photographers is indicative of her love for the art form and her desire to see it flourish. Céline Dufourd's journey in the field of photography is a testament to her passion, talent, and commitment. Her body of work serves as an inspiration to both seasoned photographers and those just embarking on their photography journey.


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