— Bryan Peterson




About This Course

Flowers are an ideal and rewarding subject for photographers. It’s understandable and there are many reasons for it: they are photogenic at the first sight, interesting, colorful, variable and you can find them pretty much everywhere. And what’s more, flowers don’t run or turn away and unless it is really windy, they cooperate during the shoot!

Acquired Knowledge

In this course, we will not only take pictures of flowers, but we will photograph flora in general and if you enjoy doing that, this course is just for you! You will learn how to use natural light to your best advantage, to create good light conditions for photographing flowers outdoor or indoor, understand the composition (including few composition rules and also when and how to break them!), how to use your current photo equipment to the maximum and how to work with the background (natural or home-made) or how to photograph contrast on white or black… and a lot of more!


Bryan Peterson
Bryan has been a photographer for over 30 years and teaching photography for 20 years. He brings a unique teaching style to the school which will guarantee creative and fun learning by all photographers while elevating them to new photographic heights that they only have dreamed of.


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