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About This Course

Start your thrilling journey into photography right from the comfort of your home and at your own pace! With our online photography course, you will find diving into the art of photography effortless and enjoyable. We've designed this course to guide you step-by-step through everything you need to know to achieve stunning image results with your camera.

Theoretical learning is crucial, but it's through practical application that concepts truly solidify. Hence, our course is meticulously curated, intertwining theory with abundant practical photo exercises. These exercises allow you to immediately put into practice what you've just learned, enhancing understanding and reinforcing retention. To further deepen your photographic knowledge and skills, we've included an additional 52 photo projects. Each of these projects is designed to push your creativity and technical abilities, allowing you to apply your learnings in a variety of contexts and scenarios.

The convenience of automatic modes on cameras can often be a crutch, leading many budding photographers to miss out on exploring the full potential of their camera. As part of our course, we say goodbye to the camera's full-automatic mode. We show you how to go beyond the automatic, equipping you with knowledge and techniques to capture images that truly reflect your vision.

Our online photography workshop is designed to make learning photography online as simple and as accessible as possible. You do not need any prior photography knowledge or experience. All you need is enthusiasm and a camera. We provide you with the knowledge, tips, tricks, and assignments you need to get you started and keep you going. You learn at your own pace and in your comfort zone, whether that's your home, local park, or wherever you feel most inspired.

An essential part of photography is the ability to tell stories through images. With this in mind, our course teaches you not only how to take technically proficient photos but also how to imbue your images with emotion, meaning, and narrative. By the end of the course, you will not just be clicking pictures; you will be capturing moments, telling stories, and evoking feelings with your photography.

The course begins by introducing you to the basics of a camera and its functions. You'll learn about aperture, shutter speed, and ISO, and understand how these elements work together to create a well-exposed image. This knowledge will empower you to take control of your camera settings, moving away from the camera's automatic mode towards manual control, where the real magic happens.

From there, we explore the various types of photography, such as landscape, portrait, street, wildlife, and more. Each genre comes with its challenges, techniques, and tips that you will learn about and practice. We will delve into composition techniques, lighting strategies, and post-processing basics to round off your photography skills.

Our course also highlights the importance of a photographer's eye. You'll learn to observe your surroundings from a new perspective and understand the importance of light, shade, shapes, colors, and textures in creating captivating images. This understanding will allow you to see photographic opportunities in your daily life, enhancing your creative eye and expanding your photographic horizons.

Lastly, we introduce you to the world of photo editing, an essential skill in today's digital age. You'll learn how to use editing software to enhance your images, fix minor imperfections, and give your photos a professional touch.

With our online photography course, learning photography has never been easier. Whether you are an aspiring photographer looking to turn your hobby into a career, or you're someone who just wants to take better photos for personal satisfaction, this course has something to offer. Let's start this journey together and help you uncover the photographer within.

Acquired Knowledge

In diesem Kurs lernen Sie alle Begriffe (Licht, Winkel, Aufnahme), die wichtig sind, um schöne Aufnahmen zu machen.


Alexandre Komar
Alex ist der Geschäftsführer der FOTOEXPERTEN24 GmbH und fotografiert schon seit über 20 Jahren. Die Fotografie war dabei immer eine kreative Abwechslung zum normalen Büroalltag. Bald sollte es aber mehr werden und er begann, als Fotoassistent in einem großen Fotostudio zu arbeiten. Die Produktfotografie wurde seine Leidenschaft und das eigene Fotostudio ließ nicht lange auf sich warten.


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