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The fascinating world of macro photography can be a pathway to unseen universes teeming with life, beauty, and intricacy that the naked eye often overlooks. This comprehensive macro photography course, led by renowned photographer Andres, provides an immersive experience that transcends conventional teaching methods by combining theory, practical studio sessions, and dynamic on-location shoots in the vibrant jungles of Central America.

Designed for both novices eager to learn the basics and seasoned photographers aiming to refine their macro skills, this tutorial explores a myriad of subjects. The course extends from fine art and product photography to the captivating world of live insects, amphibians, and reptiles. Offering over 12 hours of content-rich video tutorials, Andres elucidates on techniques that can make your images come alive with an unprecedented level of detail and depth.

One of the key highlights of the course is the real-time, on-location lessons. Set against the backdrop of Central American jungles, these lessons present the perfect opportunity to observe and learn from Andres's approach to framing, lighting, and capturing subjects in their natural habitats. The contrast between studio and outdoor shoots provides a comprehensive understanding of the adaptability required in macro photography and the ways to achieve the best results under varying conditions.

Each lesson is accompanied by a thorough post-processing section. Andres, in his signature style, walks you through his entire Lightroom and Photoshop workflow. He elucidates his editing process, ranging from basic adjustments to advanced retouching techniques that enhance the texture, colors, and overall aesthetics of your images. He carefully demonstrates how to harness the power of these software tools to transform raw photographs into stunning macro images.

Understanding that learning extends beyond video tutorials, the course provides image files corresponding to each lesson. These files allow you to work alongside Andres during post-processing tutorials, enabling a practical understanding of the nuances involved in editing macro photography.

An additional gear lesson, complemented by a downloadable PDF, is included to guide you through the equipment landscape of macro photography. This lesson discusses the different types of cameras, lenses, and other accessories that are integral to capturing high-quality macro shots. This in-depth knowledge prepares you to make informed decisions when investing in your macro photography gear.

To ensure a more interactive and engaging learning experience, students gain access to Andres' secret Facebook group upon enrollment. This online community serves as a platform to share your work, receive feedback, discuss ideas, ask questions, and interact directly with Andres and fellow photography enthusiasts. The social group adds a collaborative dimension to the learning experience, fostering an environment where you can continually learn, improve, and evolve as a macro photographer.

Overall, this macro photography course is a comprehensive guide to understanding and mastering the art and technique of capturing the miniature world. With Andres's guidance, you can navigate the technical complexities and creative challenges that macro photography presents, helping you to produce captivating images that resonate with viewers.

Acquired Knowledge

With this course you will become an expert in macro photography


Andres Moline
Andres Moline is an accomplished professional designer, entrepreneur, macro photographer, and social design advocate. As one of the two founders and principal designers of Concepto Studios, he is at the helm of an award-winning industrial and social design firm. His approach to design is about finding a harmonious balance, ensuring aesthetics, retail, and corporate needs are met without compromising user expectations. During his distinguished career, Andres has worked with an array of prestigious clients such as Office Depot, Black & Decker, George Foreman, Polaroid, Remington, Philips, Russell Hobbs, Hisense, Nokia, Midea, and others. These experiences have only further honed his ability to create designs that are not just visually compelling but also purposeful and innovative. As a macro photographer, Andres has gained significant recognition. His exceptional photography work has been published by reputable platforms including BBC, NHK World Japan, Societas Entomologica, and numerous entomology books, galleries, and online publications. In 2019, he collaborated with Fstoppers to develop 'Mastering Macro Photography - The Complete Shooting and Editing Tutorial', providing a comprehensive guide to mastering this unique style of photography. But Andres's accomplishments are not just confined to design and photography. He is also a recipient of prestigious awards like the IDEA GOLD award and the Red Dot award for best design, solidifying his reputation as an influential figure in the design industry. As a passionate advocate for social design, Andres infuses his commitment to societal improvement into every project he undertakes. His work isn't just about creating appealing designs or capturing stunning photographs; it's about making a meaningful impact on society. As a platform, Andres Moline's work provides a showcase for his design and photography talents. It serves as a testament to his unwavering dedication to achieving a harmonious balance in design, his masterful skills in macro photography, and his continuous drive to make a positive social impact through his work.


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