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In the upcoming class, Karl Taylor dives into various aspects of film lighting techniques and LED lighting for filmmaking. He begins by discussing the Kelvin scale and color temperature, providing insights into how different color temperatures can affect the mood and tone of a scene. Understanding the concept of color temperature is crucial for achieving the desired look and feel in your videos.

Karl also demonstrates how to set the white balance on a DSLR camera, a fundamental step in ensuring accurate color reproduction in your footage. He shares tips and techniques to achieve proper white balance, helping you capture true-to-life colors in your films.

During the class, Karl addresses questions and comments from participants, offering valuable advice and clarifications. One participant asks about setting the correct color balance for shooting kitchen cabinets. Karl advises against using a white sheet of foam core, as it may not be truly white. Instead, he recommends investing in a proper grey card for more accurate color balancing.

Another participant expresses their appreciation for Karl's concise and effective explanation of lighting techniques in a 10-minute video. Karl's ability to simplify complex concepts and make them accessible is praised by the participant.

Karl also receives gratitude from a participant who values his educational contributions and encourages him to continue his excellent work.

The class discussion extends to the relationship between color temperature and temperature itself. A participant wonders why cooler temperatures are represented by higher numbers while warmer temperatures have lower numbers. Karl explains that this is because the numbers on the Kelvin scale are directly linked to temperature, and as objects or light sources get hotter, they emit colors that transition from red and yellow to blue and white. He also suggests referring to chapter 1 of LightSource in the portrait section for a more detailed explanation of the color spectrum.

Overall, the class offers a comprehensive exploration of film lighting techniques, LED lighting, color temperature, and white balance. Karl's expertise and ability to address participants' questions and comments contribute to an engaging and educational experience. Participants walk away with a deeper understanding of these concepts and the practical knowledge to apply them in their own filmmaking projects.

Acquired Knowledge

Film lighting techniques
LED lighting for filmmaking
Kelvin scale and color temperature
Setting white balance on DSLR camera


Karl Taylor
Karl Taylor is the exception. He is respected by amateurs and pros across the industry for his ability to clearly and concisely communicate both the artistic and technical aspects of photography. Karl breaks down complex subjects with a logical and entertaining approach that has attracted a worldwide following.


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