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This Photography Composition course is an essential stepping stone for any aspiring photographer, regardless of the camera equipment in their arsenal. The course's focus is on easy-to-understand concepts and techniques that are certain to yield immediate improvements in your photography. Each lesson is designed to gradually introduce students to a variety of composition principles and provide them with the knowledge they need to apply these principles in their work.

Among the topics explored are key composition techniques such as the use of leading lines and the rule of thirds. Leading lines are powerful visual guides that draw the viewer's attention towards the focal point of an image. Meanwhile, the rule of thirds, arguably the most renowned composition rule, involves breaking the image down into thirds (both horizontally and vertically) so that you have nine parts, and then placing your subject along these lines to create more balanced and engaging photos.

In addition to these, you'll be familiarized with the fundamental art of framing. Framing involves positioning elements within your image in such a way that they surround your main subject and naturally guide the viewer's eye towards it. This technique can be accomplished by utilizing both natural and artificial structures to form a 'frame' within the frame.

The course also covers the effective use of negative space - the empty space around the subject. When used correctly, negative space can add a sense of balance and contrast, enhancing the impact of your main subject. Furthermore, you'll also discover how to creatively crop your photos. Cropping is a powerful post-processing tool that can dramatically change the composition and overall feel of an image.

By employing these straightforward yet transformative techniques, your photos will not only have improved aesthetically, but they'll also have the potential to communicate more effectively and evoke stronger emotional responses. This course will empower you with the confidence and knowledge to start taking control of your photographic composition and begin producing beautifully composed images.


Jenny 22 Places
Jenny and Basti are the dynamic duo behind 22places, a popular platform renowned for its exceptional travel tips, captivating photography, and inspiring storytelling. Not just the founders of 22places, they are also seasoned travelers, proud parents, accomplished photographers, best-selling authors with Spiegel, and lovers of all things under the sun. Their varied interests and passions beautifully converge to form the core of their work at 22places. One of the most distinctive aspects of 22places is its emphasis on quality and utility. Every piece of content, whether it's a travel guide, a photographic essay, or a blog post, is meticulously crafted to ensure that it provides the best and most helpful travel advice possible. The goal is to inspire and equip their audience to explore the world with confidence, curiosity, and a sense of adventure. Working alongside a fantastic team and a roster of excellent writers, Jenny and Basti pour their heart into their work each day. Their dedication to their community is evident in the care and attention to detail that goes into every aspect of 22places. They view their work not just as a business but as a service to fellow travel enthusiasts who share their passion for discovery. But what truly sets Jenny and Basti apart is the authenticity of their journey. As parents who balance their professional commitments with their family life, they embody the possibility of pursuing one's passions without compromising personal values and responsibilities. Their life is a testament to the idea that one can indeed travel the world, build a successful enterprise, raise a family, and enjoy the journey along the way. Through 22places, Jenny and Basti have created more than just a platform for travel enthusiasts; they have built a vibrant community where people from all walks of life can share their love for exploration, photography, and the joy of discovering new places. Their work is a celebration of the world's diversity and an invitation to experience its wonders firsthand.


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