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Creating high-quality studio portraits is a multifaceted process that requires not only technical skill but also an artistic eye. In this comprehensive guide provided by Felix Barjou, you will learn all the necessary steps to bring your studio portraits to a professional level. Felix equips you with the knowledge you need about understanding light, choosing the right equipment, using the correct modifier, setting the flash and camera, using multiple light sources, and applying gels creatively.

Understanding Light

Photography, at its essence, is the art of capturing light. In the studio environment, understanding light is crucial because it allows you to control and manipulate the appearance of your subject. One of the key concepts Felix will teach you is how light behaves - how it can be diffused or focused, how it bounces, how it affects colors, and how its direction and distance change its qualities.

He will also discuss the concept of color temperature, explaining how different sources of light have different colors and how this impacts your images. Whether it's cool fluorescent light or warm tungsten light, understanding this principle is fundamental to achieving accurate color balance in your portraits.

Choosing the Right Equipment

Next, Felix will guide you in selecting the right equipment for your studio portrait needs. This isn't about buying the most expensive gear; it's about understanding what different cameras and lenses can do, and choosing the ones that match your creative vision and budget. From full-frame DSLRs to mirrorless systems, from prime lenses to zoom lenses, you'll learn what each can offer and how they affect the final image, from depth of field to the angle of view.

Using the Correct Modifier

Light modifiers are tools that alter the quality and direction of light. Felix will explain how different modifiers, such as softboxes, umbrellas, beauty dishes, and grids, can affect your light. For example, a softbox can diffuse your light, creating soft and even illumination that minimizes harsh shadows. On the other hand, a beauty dish can produce more focused light with rapid falloff, giving you dramatic portraits.

Setting the Flash/Camera

Understanding your flash and camera settings is a crucial part of studio photography. Felix will walk you through the process of setting your camera's ISO, shutter speed, and aperture to achieve your desired exposure. You'll also learn how to control your flash settings, adjusting the power output to change the brightness of your light and learning how to sync your flash with your camera's shutter speed.

Using Multiple Light Sources

Often, creating professional studio portraits requires more than one light source. You'll learn how to use key lights, fill lights, background lights, and rim lights to create a well-lit and dimensional portrait. Felix will teach you how to position these lights and adjust their power levels to achieve a balanced and appealing lighting setup.

Taking Advantage of Gels for a Creative Result

Finally, you'll delve into the creative use of gels. Gels are transparent colored sheets that you can put over your light sources to tint their output. Felix will demonstrate how using different colored gels can create unique lighting effects, add mood, or mimic different times of day. Whether you're using a blue gel to simulate moonlight or a pink gel to add a playful color pop, gels can be a fun and creative tool to have in your studio portrait arsenal.

In conclusion, Felix Barjou's comprehensive guide will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to create professional-quality studio portraits. Remember that while these guidelines are essential, photography is an art. The most important thing is to experiment, practice, and let your creativity shine through. Don't be afraid to break the rules and push the boundaries. Happy shooting!

Acquired Knowledge

Je vais tout vous montrer, de l’utilisation des flashs studio, des pieds, des réglages de mes flashs/appareil en passant par des modeleurs et gélatines en tout genre.


Felix Barjou
Photographe français de 28 ans, Passionné par la lumière, la retouche d'image et la mise en scène, je réalise des portraits et créations avec une touche personnelle.


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