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About This Course

By enrolling in this course: ‘’Photography’s fundamentals", you will embark on a transformative journey that will unlock the full potential of Lightroom and empower you to take your photo editing skills to new heights.
comprehensive training course on Adobe Lightroom, the leading software for photo editing and development.begins by familiarizing you with the software's interface, whether you are discovering it for the first time or rediscovering it. You will learn how to navigate through the various modules and understand photography’s fundamentals, allowing you to efficiently manage and locate your photo library.

Next, the course dives into the core functionalities of Lightroom, equipping you with the essential tools to enhance and refine your images. You will learn how to import your photos into the library and organize them using keywords, ratings, and collections, ensuring that you can easily find and access your desired images at any time.

Building upon these foundational skills, the course progresses to advanced techniques, including localized retouching. You will explore the power of targeted adjustments, enabling you to enhance specific areas of your photos while maintaining overall image quality. This skill will allow you to retouch imperfections, adjust exposure and colors, and bring out the full potential of your images with precision and control.

In addition to mastering the editing tools, you will delve into the art of photo development through four comprehensive examples. These real-world scenarios will guide you through various editing workflows, showcasing different approaches to transforming your photos into stunning visual masterpieces. Whether you are striving for a natural and realistic look or a bold and creative style, you will learn how to achieve the desired aesthetic through expert techniques and best practices.

Furthermore, the course covers advanced editing techniques such as high dynamic range (HDR) merging and panoramic stitching. You will discover how to combine multiple exposures to create striking HDR images with enhanced details and a wide dynamic range. Additionally, you will learn how to seamlessly stitch together multiple photos to create breathtaking panoramas, capturing the full grandeur of expansive landscapes or architectural marvels.

The course also delves into workflow optimization, teaching you how to synchronize your edits across multiple images to ensure consistency and efficiency. You will learn how to create virtual copies and stacks, allowing you to experiment with different editing styles and organize your images effectively.

Additionally, the course explores the exporting process, equipping you with the knowledge to save and share your edited photos in various formats, resolutions, and settings. You will learn how to tailor your exports for different purposes, whether it's printing, online sharing, or creating a portfolio.

In addition to the comprehensive training, you will receive a valuable package of resources to enhance your editing experience. This includes 19 RAW photos that serve as practice material throughout the course, enabling you to apply the techniques you learn and develop your skills hands-on. You will also receive 118 presets and 65 quick development tools, providing you with a range of creative options and shortcuts to expedite your editing workflow. A tutorial on installing and using the presets and tools will ensure that you can leverage these resources effectively.

By the end of this course, you will have gained a deep understanding of Lightroom's capabilities and acquired the skills to transform your photos into stunning visual narratives. You will have the confidence to navigate the software with ease, leverage its advanced tools, and develop your unique editing style.

Don't miss the opportunity to master photography’s fundamentals and unlock the full potential of Adobe Lightroom. Enroll now and gain access to the comprehensive training program, practice materials, presets, and development tools that will empower you to create extraordinary images.

Acquired Knowledge

– Acquérir toutes les bases nécessaires en Photo & Vidéo,
– Savoir choisir et maîtriser son matériel,
– Découvrir les domaines les plus répandus afin de savoir ce qui te correspond le plus,
– Améliorer ta vision de l’image pour créer du contenu esthétique et attractif pour des clients,
– Apparendre la post-production avec la retouche photo et le montage vidéo,
– Connaître le marché, créer sa marque, savoir se vendre, trouver des clients et se démarquer de la concurrence,
– Avoir confiance en soi, trouver la motivation, créer sa société et vivre de sa passion !


JC Pieri
Photographe et réalisateur professionnel, JC à parcouru le monde avec plus de 60 pays visités pour réaliser des reportages photos et vidéos. Ancien professionnel en BMX freestyle, diplômé d’une licence en finance et d’un master en sport event, son parcours est très atypique avec plus de 15 ans d’expériences dans le monde de l’image.


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