— Jodi Moreno



  English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish 

About This Course

Gastronomy is the common language and art form between chefs, foodies, and lovers of culture around the world. When the plate touches the table, its presentation has the ability to transmit a delectable impression on the diner. Food stylist and chef, Jodi Moreno, is here to teach you how to style a visually striking plates that will impress any dinner guest. In this course, expand your palate for food styling and learn how to plate beautiful dishes down to the last detail. Learn how to arrange, layer, and style a delicious culinary presentation and discover how to build a portfolio of your food photography.

Acquired Knowledge

Four Course Meal
Developing and Implementing Style
Creating the Final Image


Jodi Moreno
Jodi Moreno is a chef and food stylist from New York City. After years of working from her studio in Brooklyn, she decided to move to Mexico City after falling in love with its culinary culture. Jodi has gained international recognition through her food blog and social media platform, which has led her to work with an impressive list of clients.


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